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Boost Mobile Motorola I412 Review

A pre-paid phone with iDEN push-to-talk capabilities and clear call quality, the Motorola i412 is great for someone looking for a low budget phone to make and receive calls and messages. Find more information about accessories at

The Motorola i412 from Boost Mobile is a great phone with iDEN push-to-talk feature. For someone looking for a simple phone that will mostly be used for communicating, this is the phone for you. $69.99 without a contract, this is perfect for a tight budget and the call quality is crystal clear. Measuring at 3.8 by 1.9 by 0.79 inches, it's perfect to slip into your pocket. It has an electric blue body, giving it character. On the outside of the phone is a 1 inch display that shows the battery level, signal strength, date and time. It also has caller and message notification. Inside is a 1.79 inch display. While this is not the highest quality display, it does the job by letting you make and receive calls, type messages, look at pictures and scroll through the menu.

Some options preloaded onto the phone are a calendar, calculator, voice recorder, memo pad, speakerphone and GPS. The camera is VGA quality, so you shouldn't expect high quality pictures. The i412 does have a web browser, however, it is not meant for extensive web browsing. The i412 has a 1130mAh battery with a rated talk time of 3.4 hours and 4 days of standby time. The keypad is easy to text on, with the keys slightly raised and room between them, so it's easy to text by feel. The address book has room for 600 contacts, with room on each contact for phone numbers, an email address, an IP address and a walkie-talkie number. As a pre-paid phone designed to make phone calls, the i412 will work fantastic.

We recommend protecting the phone with a full coverage case, making sure it always works properly, even if you drop it. The Motorola i412 White Naztech Active Case is a smart, versatile solution for people on the go. Now you can carry your Motorola i412 mobile phone, PDA or MP3 player everywhere, while protecting it from scratches, dents and cosmetic damage. The high quality material is soft that breathes and flexes with you. The Motorola i412 Active Case includes a comfortable adjustable armband, anodized aircraft aluminum finish carabineer, adjustable lanyard and a belt-clip letting you wear the Motorola i412 case on your arm, your belt, your neck or clipping it onto your clothing or bag. Do your business, run errands or exercise to your heart's content, while enjoying your favorite songs or making that important call. Consider this stylish Motorola i412 white case as a permanent part of your active lifestyle.

We also recommend having a reliable charger, especially in the car. A vehicle charger can ensure you don't have a dead battery in an emergency or is helpful if you forget to charge your phone at home. The Motorola Dual Port Rapid Rate Vehicle Charger is a stylish and portable in-vehicle accessory, designed to charge your Motorola i412 phone's battery. Simply plug it into your car's vehicle power socket and connect it to your Motorola i412 phone - enjoy unlimited talk and standby time, while your phone is charging! Fits most in-vehicle power port sockets. New design- universal USB dual port to charge additional accessories while your phone is charging.

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