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BooGee's Self Labels Memory Lane Registry

BooGee's Self Labels Memory Lane Registry saves time when writing thank you cards.

Writing thank you cards and addressing the envelopes can be so time consuming. Wouldn't you like a way to speed up this process? The BooGee's Self Labels Memory Lane Registry is a line of registry books featuring carbon copy, easily transferable labels for use in sending thank you cards straight out of the registry book.

This new product is great for use at funerals, weddings, parties, showers, and the like, it eliminates repetitive writing. The BooGee's Self Labels Memory Lane Registry system provides a more simplified method of both retaining information, while also providing a fast and easy method to transfer attendee's information to thank you envelopes and the like. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest.

The Patent Pending BooGee's Self Labels Memory Lane Registry was invented by Regina Robinson of Chicago, IL, who said, "Guests sign in on the labels, providing their names and addresses for both keepsake purposes and for the registry holder. The labels can then be peeled and applied to envelopes for thank you cards. The information is instantly transferred to the registry pages, thanks to the creative incorporation of carbon paper. The specially designed, durably bound registry book is offered in a variety of colors and designs. A few plastic sleeves are provided for inserting chosen photographs and there is a handy pocket folder for housing pictures, programs, cards, death certificates, marriage certificates and the like."

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