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Bonnington Plastics Today Announced Their Increased Range Of Suet Balls For Bird Feeding

UK based wholesaler, Bonnington Plastics, today announced their increased range of suet balls, ready for retailers to encourage consumers to feed birds over winter.

UK bird food wholesalers, Bonnington Plastics, today announced their increased range of suet balls to encourage retailers and their customers to feed birds throughout winter, when birds rely most on the food people leave out for them.

Throughout the winter months, most species of bird remaining in the UK depends on berries and seeds from trees as their food source. These sources of food provide birds with much needed saturated fat, helping them survive through cold weather by protecting them from freezing.

When snow falls and settles these food sources are often buried or covered, meaning no bird can find them and eat them. Climate change means not only does snow last for longer in the UK, but winter temperatures have reached new lows, resulting in hostile conditions birds such as frozen water sources and impenetrable ground.

Suet balls provide birds with a simple source of saturated fat to keep warm and survive through particularly cold winter nights. A Customer Relations Representative for Bonnington Plastics added, "when people think of bird feeding they think of idyllic summer days and their gardens filled with beautiful birds. But what most people don't think of is the need birds have for food during winter, as many species migrate. By increasing our range of suet balls now we hope to encourage retailers to stock more bird care products, especially these winter essentials."

Many retail businesses have been encouraging their customers to give bird care products as presents for Christmas to help provide more food for garden birds this winter. Bonnington Plastics are encouraging their retailers to offer more bird care goods as they can be used by those who want to keep up their bird feeding through winter or give as presents, a habit many retailers attempt to promote.

Bonnington Plastics are wholesalers based in the UK, providing to retailers across the country from their Nottingham headquarters. Their increased range of suet balls allows outlets to offer a better range of bird care goods to their customers at a time when bird feeding is essential.

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