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Bonnington Plastics Today Announced Their Increased Range Of Portable Heaters

Bonnington Plastics, UK based wholesalers supplying retailers across the country, today announced their increased range of portable heaters, available for retailers to sell over winter.

UK wholesalers, Bonnington Plastics, today announced their increased range of wholesale portable heaters, now made available for retailers to purchase and stock. Many people will have been finding ways to cope without using their heating through winter so far, but with families travelling around the country to visit each other, smaller heating solutions will be demanded, keeping people warm while avoiding central heating.

Home central heating has recently increased in price. British Gas, a utilities supplier, recently announced an increase to the cost of their electricity and gas prices adding an extra £80 per year to the average home's utility bill.

Portable heaters can help homeowners keep the cost of heating their homes down by providing them with a way to heat the room they're in, quickly, and without needing to switch on the heating for the entire home. A Customer Service Representative for Bonnington Plastics explained the logic behind the choice, "Using a portable heater to heat the room you're in is quick and cheap. This Christmas families will also be travelling around the country visiting each other and staying to celebrate. Some family members might not be used to staying in a house without the central heating on at this time of year, but with a portable heater they can quickly heat their room to help them get to sleep at night."

Celebrating Christmas in a new house can be difficult as different people prefer to use their heating in different ways. By buying a few portable heaters from the local retailer, someone can ensure they're providing heat to the rooms the family use day or night, and can heat people's bedrooms to help them sleep comfortably.

Bonnington Plastics are UK wholesalers, providing to retailers around the country with easily sellable goods. They manufacture and import the Kingfisher range, saving money on production, allowing retailers to purchase winter necessities at competitive costs.

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