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Bonnington Plastics Today Announced Their Increased Range Of Sledges For Winter

Bonnington Plastics, a UK wholesaler based in Nottingham, today announced their increased range of sledges, made available for retailers to stock up on early before snow begins to affect delivery times.

UK based wholesaler, Bonnington Plastics, today announced their increased range of sledges, available for retailers to purchase from them online and provide to their customers in store. Now is an ideal period to stock winter products, with consumers thinking about the coming snow and cold weather as Christmas approaches.

Sledges prove to be popular products during the winter period, with the idyllic image of traversing hills and slopes firmly cemented in the public consciousness.

Retailers can only take advantage of the snow by stocking appropriate products including snow shovels and sledges. However there's little warning when snow hits the UK, even when only staying for a fortnight or so. In this time roads are blocked off and retailers are shut away from opportunities to restock.

Bonnington Plastics have increased their range of sledges to encourage retailers to prepare for the worst weather conditions, generate sales when the snow falls. A Customer Service Representative for Bonnington Plastics commented, "Sledges can be a huge part of any family's winter, shops need to provide them for that brief period of time when everyone is excited about snow and to interact with it. We now offer a wider range of sledges to retailers, and encourage them to buy their stock early to not get caught out when the snow falls and deliveries become less reliable."

Over Christmas retailers experience sales boosts as people spend money on gifts for friends and family. By having sledges ready to offer customers when snow starts settling, retailers can expand sales further, working to keeping customers in store for all of their winter needs.

Bonnington Plastics are a UK based wholesaler, providing to retailers around the UK. They have a wide range of goods, most of which are manufactured under the Kingfisher brand, well known throughout many markets for their low cost and high quality.

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