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Bond Voyage Series Debuts At All Star Press

Steve Wolfson began writing "Bond Voyage" in 1964 and it was well received by everyone he showed it to. However, for reasons unbeknownst to this Bond fanatic, Bond Voyage was never published. That changes today at

What began as a pleasure cruise was turning into a nightmare for Bond and the 350 passengers aboard the S. S. Santa Paula, Grace Line's premier ocean liners for romantic and luxurious cruises to the Caribbean. As he boarded her on that cold, bleak, wintry New York day, Bond had an ominous feeling. Earlier he had accidentally collided with a fellow passenger and sensed the object with which he made contact had the unmistaken shape of brass knuckles. Having just recently rid the world of the infamous and notorious Ernst Blofeld, Bond was in no mood for any further contretemps; but the despicable Blofeld would have paled in comparison to 007's newest nemesis, Ivan Trelliboskin, alias Ivan the Terrible.

As the ship sailed peacefully by the Statue of Liberty, Bond began to unpack his two battered, gray calfskin valises. When the telephone rang, he was quick to answer. "James Bond here. May I be of any service to you?"

From the other end of the receiver came the sexy, yet restrained reply, "Please come to my room immediately. It's a matter of life and death, and I dare not call anyone but you. I am in room 36 on deck six. "

This is how the first scene of "Bond Voyage" begins. Author Steve Wolfson, Sr. began writing his James Bond tribute series in the 1960's but it is now published for the first time in a series of works by All Star Press.

"We're excited to announce the addition of the Bond Voyage tale on our Authors' Blog page," explained Richard Nilsen, President of All Star Press. "Steve Wolfson began writing this work in 1964 and it was well received by everyone he showed it to. However, for one reason or another, Bond Voyage was never published. That changes today as Wolfson has begun releasing the scenes on our site. It's a wondeful tribute to Ian Fleming's work."

Steve Wolfson, Sr. is the author of "Monica Loves The Movies" which is due out in e-book formats later this month at Wolfson is also working on the story of Louis Wolfson and his star racehorse Affirmed, the last Thoroughbred to capture horse racing's Triple Crown. This book is due out summer of 2013 at

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