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Boiler or Furnace-Which Is Better?

You too might have noticed the ads everywhere announcing that 'Goodman Boilers Winter Sale Started at Furnace Factory Outlet'.

People living in cold climates know the utility of boilers and furnaces and categorize them as home comfort systems but very few know the difference between these two. Each winter witnesses the sale of boilers and furnaces and this winter is no exception. You too might have noticed the ads everywhere announcing that 'Goodman Boilers Winter Sale Started at Furnace Factory Outlet '.

What is the difference?

Let us begin with the basic difference between the boiler and furnace. Many people confuse these terms and an easy way to remember is to associate the term boiler with water, since water boils and we are left with the term furnace which uses forced warm air. Compared to hot water boilers, steam boilers operate at a higher temperature and are also less efficient. With advances in the manufacturing industry we have high-efficiency versions of all types of Goodman furnaces and boilers currently available.


Further a boiler is a hydronic system that uses water or steam for heating your room or home. In this system boiler is used to heat the water to 180 degrees or so and then employ a circulator that moves the water through the pipes straight to the baseboard heaters and radiators or tubing. In this system the boiler is used to convert the water into steam, which is radiated through the radiators after passing through pipes.


In a furnace, air is heated in it using different types of fuels which then are forced into a duct by a blower. The duct work carries the warm air throughout the home and then released into through vents or registers in your walls and ceilings and sometime floors.

The Efficiency Ratings

Before purchasing a home comfort system it is better that you know the energy efficiency rating so that you will know the budget that you need to set aside. As far as boilers are concerned the minimum annual fuel utilization efficiency of AFUE rating requirements largely depends on the type of fuel used and as well as the heating medium. 82% is said to be the minimum AFUE rating for gas-fired hot water boilers whereas 80% is said to be the minimum AFUE rating for a gas-fired steam boiler, while the minimum of 84% is said to be the AFUE rating for an oil-fired hot water boiler. The heating load varies throughout the day as the temperature changes and the number of people occupying the room also keeps changing. The hot water boilers are required to have a method for adjusting the water temperature to match this change in the heating load.

All-electric boilers-The most efficient

If you are considering an all-electric boiler then you probably are aware that it has no flue loss through a chimney and its efficiency rating is somewhere between 95% and 100%. If you install units outdoor then the efficiency will be at the lower side due to greater jacket heat loss. Due to high electricity costs these boilers are not preferred despite their very high efficiency ratings

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