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BOFX announced today the future introduction of Block Trading

Beijing Option and Futures Exchange (BOFX) announced today that the Exchange will introduce Block Trading after having received approval from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

BOFX is the first Chinese commodity futures exchange to introduce Block Trading, which allows for transactions to be concluded apart from the market.
The advantage of Block Trading is that large orders can be executed without having a significant impact on the market. The Exchange has been receiving numerous requests from investors involved in investment funds and ETFs to introduce such capability. Therefore BOFX will designate this particular type of transaction to facilitate the use of block trades by such investors.
As per BOFX's previous announcements, the investment trust and ETFs, which invest directly in the Exchange's Precious Metals market and will be launched soon, are expected to also enhance the link between commodity and financial markets. BOFX will continue to improve Block Trading by extending the number of eligible participants so as to enhance market convenience.

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