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BNI Westfield, a group of local business people, launches the networking group using the new social media site

A key aspect to doing business - and being successful at it - is networking, which is essentially all about developing relationships with other qualified professionals, and substantially increasing business from such dealings. In the same manner, implementing the ideal networking approach helps consumers find the right products or services through trusted recommendations. Considered a powerful marketing tool, networking should come with the right strategy in support.

BNI Westfield is a professional organization of business people in West London that is primarily aimed at giving and receiving qualified business referrals. The BNI Westfield group is composed of about 20 local businesses, with members including The Big Yellow storage company, a lawyer and a graphic designer, surveyor, builder, estate agent and a computer consultant, and the local (Shepherds Bush) Barclays bank manager.

Clywd Probert, BNI Director, sheds light on exactly what the organization is all about: "If you ask a business owner how they get most of their business, they will often say 'through referrals and networking.' However, most do not have a formal way of achieving this. Our group provides that structure and has been very successful over the last year and a half since it was set up."

Notably, the BNI members meet every Wednesday morning at a cafe on the southern terrace at Westfield. Talking business networking London over breakfast, the successful local entrepreneurs are able to deal with their busy work schedules throughout the rest of the day.

Recognizing the essence of social media in modern-day business, BNI Westfield has created a professional group at The social site is designed to provide a creative and relaxed environment to get messages heard and network with people.

The creative and relaxed online place where socialising meets business networking in London, is geared toward helping members succeed. It allows businesses to make use of social media for networking purposes, while also providing a central hub for posting regular updates following the progress of the group.

To find out more about BNI Westfield's newest business networking venture using the Phinkit social media platform, please visit for information.

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