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Here we give professional training in all possibles ways we can.

Blue Whale Solutions Training And Its Methodology.

The technologies we train here are web designing and Java Programming. In web & graphic design and also we concentrate on software programming techniques. Web designing consist of various techniques and platforms like HTML, CSS, Word press, Drupal, Moodle, Joomla, JQuery mobile Development,, Ajax, Advanced JQuery, Advanced Java Script, Ruby on rails, Action script, Magneto theme design, Magento development, Magneto.

Developing techniques we concentrate on iPhone app development, Android Programming, iPod app development, introduction to object c, windows phone.

Black berry application development, phone gap.

Software development training has techniques like Python, C++, C,, C#,
Java SE7 Fundamentals, Java SE7 Programming.

On the above said there are various phases of training such that each and every technology is approached with phase wise training and evaluation.

Once the training process is over each and every trainee will be put up under an testing phase. Here each and every trainee's skill will be tested and evaluated.

After passing through this evaluation period the trainees will be recruited will be
posted under their respective technologies they got trained.

A trainee view about our training, "Ongoing self-discovery and learning have been critical in my own skills growth, and in managing test departments. Even after mastering a technique or achieving a desired outcome, my experiences have shown there is always a better way to do something. Learning new skills is critical for being able to discover those improvements". Hence this would be a good option for us to be in this training department to excel softs and software skills.

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