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Bock story offers the top rpg mobile games, block android games and dragon games for PC with latest features. Buy role playing game for android and iphone by us.

Games have become an integral part of life of the younger generation, especially kids and teenagers. But the gaming world is fiercely competitive too. Too keep it unique the makers of Block Story have introduced impressive role playing elements in the game.

For lovers of block building games, Block Story has brought up some new flavor by adding innovative and impressive role playing elements in the game. Not only the game is innovative and exciting but is also accessible across a host of platforms. Notable among the platforms are Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. The block building game is available in all versions as is playable as pc sandbox games as well as iOS and Android games.

Designed by two developers that aimed to create game like the Minecraft but with the addition of role playing game elements, Block Story has quests, skills, people, as well as levels included in it. As Rome was not built in a day; so was not the Block Story. It took over two years for the designers to come up with the final version of one of the most enchanting pc role playing games around in the market. All said and done, at the end of it the small team of developers came up with something really commendable in form of the Block Story game.

Speaking on the development of the Block Story, a senior developer explains, - "In Block Story users can find a number of engaging activities that include crafting, building, mining, fighting, and exploring. Almost all these activities help you as a player to gain a lot of experience moving through the successive stages of games. Such experience also helps you to explore and play better in the successive levels of the engaging games. As these games are almost similar to that of the Microsoft games, users feel not only encouraged, but also at home with such fine games." The inspiration of Microsoft games behind building the Block Story truly makes this an awesome experience for the users of this gaming platform.

What makes the game unique is the way of questing as well as fighting that has been incorporated in the game by the designers. The other attribute that makes it even more interesting and sought after is that it is completely platform independent and can be played as Windows games, block Mac games, or block iphone games among others. As the game progresses, the player would be able to accept quests from Ted or from the other friendly NPCs. However most of the quests would be based on fighting somehow to find out the ultimate solution.

An important aspect of the game is that fighting sequences are much more enjoyable in comparison to many other games. Reason for this is the wide array of weapons and divergent enemies that the player would face. Each of these enhances the attribute of role playing and that is why the game is considered as one of the best PC role playing games around.

Ability of players to enhance the strength of their weapons adding accessories to it and the existence of over 80 types of enemies makes the game even more interesting.

Are you a game enthusiast and like to explore some fine gaming experience through your PC and iPhone? Make sure to visit this adaptive platform at its web presence at, today!

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