BlockDos Empowers SMBs And Retailers To Combat DDoS Attacks With 60 % Off Christmas Promotion

BlockDos, a DDoS mitigation service provider, announces a promotional offer of 60 % off its Budget Protection Plan during 2012's most crucial retail season of the year, the winter holidays with a focus on Christmas and a proactive approach to 2013.

BlockDos, a DDoS mitigation service provider, announces a promotional offer of 60 % off its Budget Protection Plan during 2012's most important retail season of the year, the winter holidays with a focus on Christmas and a proactive approach to 2013. DDoS attackers are aware this is a vulnerable season for small businesses. They are motivated by financial gain, access to intellectual property, geopolitical beliefs, military gain or diversion. They see the great potential of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) on vulnerable websites and e-commerce platforms during the year's biggest shopping season. BlockDos aims to protect small business customers and to replace fear of DDoS attack with celebration of sales.

"DDoS attacks are distributed denial of service in action with multiple sources and either a single target or multiple targets. Because the sources are multiple, it is difficult to detect and block. A DDoS attack can stop legitimate traffic, cause network meltdown, make customers choose competitors, and destroy a company's reputation permanently. Customers do not care what happened to one's company during a DDoS attack. They simply know the e-commerce site was down because of attackers and hackers, and they do not trust the retail company as they did before. BlockDos wants all small businesses to be safe and secure and to maintain their honor, and this is why we offer 60 % off the Buget Protection Plan to new customers to get started," says Munaf Majeed, CEO at

The National Retail Federation in 2011 published that holiday sales represented 19.5% of total retail industry sales. This year 2012, Christmas is on a Tuesday, a typical business day for retail. The NRF predicts that 2012 online sales will increase at least 12 %, but for some small businesses, the total holiday sales can be as high as 40 % of annual revenue. Typically people shop right through New Years' Day even and beyond for after holiday sales. Not having a DDoS mitigation service tested and in place beforehand can have devastating effects. The BlockDos Budget Protection Plan with 60 % off will include 24/7/365 email technical support and live chat support., with locations in USA and Europe, offers aggressive protection plans, beginning with the Budget Protection Plan at 60 % off, against DDoS. The Budget Protection Plan includes 3 mbps of average clean traffic or 300 GB of data transfer, protection up to 1 Gbps burstable to 1.5 Gbps, 125K packets per second, free upgrade for 12 hours to next level, and dedicated IP. Its mitigation services are ready in advance before attackers take advantage of vulnerabilities. During seasons of higher sales potential such as Christmas, there is maximum destruction potential.

"Choose BlockDos with its quality DDoS mitigation service plan. The company specializes in protection against and mitigation of DDoS. A small business's choice of provider should have a proven record in successful protection against attacks. Retailers should protect their website and e-commerce platform as a top priority during online retailers' biggest revenue-generating seasons of the year," says Lisa Lombard, BlockDos research analyst. "We want small businesses to celebrate a successful, safe and secure Christmas season and beyond with maximum online retail sales. Place a call to BlockDoS tollfree number 1-866-989-9119, and get started with 60 % off the BlockDos Budget Protection Plan during this prime retail season of the year."

About BlockDos:
BlockDos has 15 mitigation locations around the world. In USA, on the East Coast, locations include NewYork , Washington D.C., and Atlanta, GA. In addition, central USA includes Dallas, Texas and on the West Coast, Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, California. Outside of the USA, BlockDos mitigation centers are in Montreal, Quebec; UK, Netherlands, and Czechoslovakia covering Europe; and Singapore. Visit for more information and to get started with a more secure and safe network minus denial of service and minus distributed denial of service during Christmas and throughout the year.

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