Bliss Salon and Spa Announces New Hair Styling Method for Hair Salons in Lafayette

Bliss Salon and Spa has become a certified Brazilian Keratin Treatment salon and one of the first hair salons in Lafayette to offer this service.

Bliss Salon and Spa has recently become a certified Brazilian Keratin Treatment salon. They are among the first hair salons in Lafayette to offer this service. Bliss Salon and Spa owner, Bethany Tyrrell, is very excited about this new treatment for her customers.

According to Tyrell, the Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a healthy alternative to common chemical treatments used to straighten hair. She states the process also removes 100% of the frizzies and removes 80% of the client's curls. Tyrrell goes on, "The process involves infusing naturally derived keratin to hair to achieve smoother and straighter hair without altering the structure of your hair. Hair is healthier after the treatment, previously damaged hair is repaired, and the treatment is perfect for colored treated hair, high lighted hair and even over processed hair."

This remarkable hair treatment achieves the same results regardless of the hair type of the client. There's no softening or swelling of the hair shafts, so it's easy to see why the condition of the hair shaft is not compromised and why each strand maintains its strength and structural integrity. This advanced hair treatment service eliminates the need to carefully watch the clock in order to halt a high pH chemical process in time to prevent excessive damage to hair.

Tyrrell goes on to state "Through out my 17 year career, we have seen new services come and go. I believe the Brazilian Keratin Treatment is here to stay. It leaves your healthier than anything and frizz free! It doesn't matter what the trend is.... Curly or straight.... The trend is NEVER frizzy!"

For more information on the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, interested people looking for hair salons in Lafayette should visit the Bliss Salon and Spa website or call the salon at (765) 807-0343 to set up a consultation.

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