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Blee's New Single 'Body Language' Out Valentine's Day

Blee's new single 'Body Language' will be available on all major online retailers from Valentine's Day

"Let your Body Talk to Me..."

This Valentine's Day the traditions of romance are left behind and replaced by those emotions stemmed from pure human desire from the only artist who keeps us wanting more!
This steamy lust filled offering will guarantee you'll want to do nothing but skip your mains and jump straight into enjoying dessert...

..."Cheek to cheek, Breast to chest, Knees to knees"...

Featuring the fresh complimentary vocal sounds of the playful Coco Bunni on every chorus telling us to 'Just hush', with her enticing tones backed up by the sounds of the raw drum beats Body Language is sure to have you hooked and sinking into a realm of uninhibited levels of connection with...well, simply whomever!
..."Hitting you with the Small island therapy"...
Blee seems unstoppable with this, his 2nd release, from his sophomore album, Black Lion Chronicles: Chapter 2 Respect your Legacy. Slowing it down to a mid tempo rhythm in time for your Valentines celebrations Blee wants to 'synchronise heartbeats' and get lovers going in a sound just right for setting the mood.
So turn on the sounds of Blee's Body Language...But only if your prepared for the sounds to turn you on!

Who Is Blee?

"The conscious offspring of reggae and Hip Hop drunk on Dance music."

A musician, producer, writer and performer, Blee (Black Lion of Eternal Excellence) is the answer to today's lost generation of those both young and old on a quest to find themselves amongst the chaos of a traditionalist uninspired society. They say it takes just one person to make a change, shake things up and set the pace and we say that Blee has come along at just the right time!
Writing and producing music for over 9 years, he is set with a mix of laid back Montserratian Caribbean swagger, the passion of the American hustle and a slight touch of the British die hard attitude, he is a cultural cocktail of resilience.

Blee is an artist who wants to make changes to music, an artist who wants to inspire, an artist who wants to redefine and refocus your impressions and change everything you thought you knew about what this music was/is about. Hip Hop and Dancehall never sounded soo Good!
"It starts with music and ends with a Revolution"
This is Blee, This is his life, This is his music, This is his addiction...This will be his Legacy.

The Single 'Body Language' is out Valentine's Day!

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