Blaze™ Affirms the Reliability of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes sales doubled from 2011 to 2012 and are predicted to grow! Maryland consumers reported that an estimated twenty percent of e-cig users were able quit smoking traditional cigarettes

Immediately after being introduced to the United States in 2007, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, stormed the tobacco market and gained mass popularity. Since then, electronic cigarette manufacturers have made enormous technological strides to enhance the efficiency, practicality, and environmental friendliness of electronic cigarette products for consumers. As evidence of their overwhelming popularity, electronic cigarettes sales doubled from 2011 to 2012 and are predicted to grow at least one hundred percent next fiscal year. Recurrent customers are responsible for almost eighty percent of annual e-cig sales, as concluded by a 2011 National survey. While many new and recurrent customers use electronic cigarette devices as a method to quit smoking, some intend to save money, and others simply take advantage of the ability to "smoke" indoors.

Although electronic cigarettes have become widely popular during the past five years for a variety of reasons, an uncertainty still exists for consumers regarding the safety of the device and its counterparts. The FDA has not banned the trade or use of electronic cigarettes in the United States. Some states have implemented laws and regulations involving sales to minors, public use, airplane use, pharmaceutical sales, and retailer licenses. As science demonstrates, electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes regardless of the presence of nicotine.

Maryland consumers reported that an estimated twenty percent of e-cig users were able quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Among e-cig users who aim to quit smoking, an estimated thirty percent quit with the device; approximately five percent more than patch and gum users. According to another local report, over sixty percent of electronic cigarette users smoke fewer traditional cigarettes. But most creditably, with an estimated recurrent purchase rate of eighty percent and an average quitting rate of twenty percent, some electronic cigarette companies, such as Blaze™, experience success rates as high as forty percent during the first year for all quitters; thirty-five percent higher than Nicotine Gum.

For multiple years, Blaze™ has upheld its reputation as a superior distributor of electronic cigarettes and accessories. In 2011 and 2012 questionnaires, Blaze™ customers repetitively praised "quality products," "humble customer service," "realistic appearance and taste," "affordability," and "excellent product durability." Most admired for its simplicity and reliability, however, the Blaze™ electronic cigarette is easy to use and maintain, it contains a long-lasting battery rechargeable anywhere and it provides sufficient nicotine satisfaction. E-cigs created by Blaze™ are designed to light-up and generate "smoke" to synthesize traditional cigarette smoking as accurately as possible, but not to inhibit consumer aspirations to monitor or discontinue the use of any or all tobacco or nicotine products.

To accurately create the illusion of smoking, Blaze™ designed the electronic cigarette to contain an indicator light for effect and practicality , a liquid cartridge (Cartomizer) to store various levels of nicotine and flavoring, and a chargeable lithium battery connected to a small heating coil and vaporization "chamber", that when operated (inhaled) induces heat causing the nicotine and flavoring to filter. The e-cig then produces a scentless and harmless vapor upon exhale. E-cig users are able to charge their devices or interchange their liquid cartridges by simply twisting their devices apart at the "filter" or "assembly-link." Blaze™ offers customers an assortment of unconventional yet applauded flavoring in addition to traditional tobacco and menthol. Blaze ™ also extends limitless contests and give-a-way's to patrons and internet followers, aids at national relief events, and participates with local organizations.

According to the Blaze™ CEO, "Our team strives to distribute helpful and affordable products to the adult, smoking public to aid in the safe management or desist of traditional cigarette smoking habits and for safe recreational purposes."

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