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Blackberry Z10 Phone Review

The new and improved Blackberry Z10 is a fantastic touch screen phone that rivals the Windows, Android and Apple phones on the market. New, improved OS, powerful processor and classy design. Get quality accessories at

Blackberry took a long time off and the result is the Z10, a high-end smart phone with an innovative operating system. For Blackberry enthusiasts this is a phone worth waiting for. The body of the phone is tall and narrow, measuring 5.1 by 2.6 by 0.35 inches. The glass stretches all the way from edge to edge across the screen. There are no physical buttons on the front of the phone, which gives it a slightly different look from other high-end phones. The screen is highly detailed, with a 4.2 inch 1280x768 pixel resolution, resulting in 355 ppi. That makes it more detailed than almost every phone on the market. Along the side are the standard ports and buttons, with some of them doing dual duty.

If you press both volume buttons it takes a screen shot, and if you press either one while in camera mode it takes a picture. To replace the physical buttons, Blackberry programmed the Z10 to respond to gestures. If everything else is already being done on the touch screen, users may as well control everything there. The Z10 comes with all of the expected connectivity options, including an NFC chip. The Z10 is the first Blackberry to run 4G LTE and with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 dual core 1.5 processor, it is incredibly fast.

Protect the Blackberry Z10 with a classy leather case. Now give the Blackberry Z10 smart phone a classy touch with the Geneva Case to use throughout the day. This lateral Blackberry Z10 case comes with many features to match the style and elegance of a smart phone. The Geneva Case is designed with care and engineering that will protect the Blackberry Z10 phone from the bumps, scratches and dust that occur everyday. Its 360 degree belt clip offers maximum ease of use, while the stylish inner lining and detailed stitching speak volumes about the craftsmanship and quality. This Blackberry Z10 case is a safe and convenient home for a smart phone. The Geneva is stylish, protective and will accept the largest smart phones with ease.

Keeping the battery charged is a top priority for every user and a reliable charger is a necessity. The ultra-portable Blackberry Z10 Naztech 3-in-1 Charger gives users the freedom to go farther and stay connected. The high performance Naztech N300 Blackberry Z10 mobile phone rapid charger combines an AC adapter for wall outlets, a DC adapter for car adapters and a USB cable for charging through PC's. No matter where is happening, the 3-in-1 charger has the ability to power up the Blackberry Z10 electronic device while simultaneously charging the battery, keeping the music playing and the communication lines always open.

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