Black Entertainment Television (BET) Has An Infestation of Prosperity Preachers Like Peter Popoff, Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, And Pastor Kerney Thomas.

Preacher Bureau of Investigations has just published a report on Prosperity Preachers and Black Entertainment Television (BET)- "The fleecing of Christians."

The late flamboyant Prosperity Preacher Rev. Frederick Eikerenkoetter (better known as Rev. Ike) is famous for a disheartening quote that said "The best thing you can do for the poor is not to be one of them." The term Prosperity Preacher has now become a new cussword in the movement to reform church leadership as according to watchdog group The Preacher Bureau of Investigations
Anyone who refers to BET as Black Entertainment Television has just insulted every African-American in the United States of America. The Network Executives at BET has allowed this cable channel to become a haven for spiritual con artists and even convicted felons. After the Monique Show signs off the air, slimy creatures like Pastor Kerney Thomas, so-called Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, and well know frauds like televangelist Peter Popoff slither onto the television screen.

Peter Popoff was revealed as a fraud two decades ago and has "resurrected" himself on BET. The executives at BET had to know that there was tons of evidence charging Pete Popoff as a con man for scamming and exploiting gullible Christians who attended his traveling healing conventions. Peter Popoff is just one in a long list of con men parading themselves as preachers on Black Entertainment Television, which appears to be the ideal network if you desire to scam church folk out of their money.

In 2007 the nationally syndicated show Inside Edition conducted a detailed investigation of Peter Popoff which left even more viewers asking how is it that this guy still allowed to purchase television airtime. According to the Internal Revenue Service Peter Popoff infomercials for "Miracle Water" netted him over $23 million in pure profits, once again all in the name of Jesus.

As horrible as the stories about Peter Popoff may sound, at least he is sending the victims of his scam an actual product. Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan will simply give you some vague prophecy in exchange for your hard earned cash. Bishop E. Bernard has become a sort of cult leader for many who are caught up in the prophetic word fad. Where Dionne Warwick and her Psychic Friends left of, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan (and his panel of expert prophets/psychics) has actually taken the prophetic scam to the next level.

Touting his famous friends like Rev. Run and Russell Simmons, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan has become a celebrity in the world of so-called prophetic ministry. His broadcast also resembles the Beg-A-Thons hosted by TBN however his niche requires that you call in to receive your prophetic word from one of his expert prophets. The network executives at BET appear to have anointed Bishop E. Bernard Jordan to promote and market his psychic abilities regardless of how erroneous his claims really are.

The viewers of late-night BET are subject to some of the worst forms propaganda in religious programming, and the network is fully responsible for every exploited and scammed Christian that falls prey to these Hustling Preachers. If by chance a viewer of BET manages to fall asleep during Bishop E. Bernard Jordan's psychic show, then he would definitely be frightfully awakened by Pastor Kerney Thomas.

Pastor Kerney Thomas, who appears to just simply make a mockery of the Doctrine of Christianity, has become famous for not only speaking in tongues for extended lengths of time but also for the cacophony of screaming outbursts. Pastor Kerney Thomas has now become a YouTube sensation not because of the message in his ministry but more for the theatrics and the comedy embedded in his delivery. Many true Evangelists have expressed the belief that it is Pastors like Kerney Thomas that have become a hideous embarrassment to the Body of Christ, and increases the difficulty of witnessing to Non-Believers.

Both the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and BET are guilty as charged when it comes to exploitive, manipulative programming created for the sole purpose of selling the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The true Prophets of the Bible encouraged Christians to be on the lookout for False Prophets, therefore for this reason The Body of Christ can actually give thanks to TBN and BET. Collectively these networks have done a wonderful job of presenting and defining the true definition of a False Prophet.

If you would like to learn more about the Preacher Bureau of investigations than please visit their website at
Preacher Bureau of Investigations has just published a report on Prosperity Preachers and Black Entertainment Television (BET)- "The fleecing of Christians."

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