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Our mission is to provide ease on product selection by eliminating unnecessary guess work. We implement and distribute quality controlled products chosen by our elite medical team.

​​An industry leading health-care professional team founded Biosense Compounding Pharmacy in 2008. Their vision was to create a company that would supply top quality "natural and science" combined products along with effective, trustworthy, fast and efficient customer care to the marketplace.

After much research into the typical pharmacies, the Biosense team discovered widespread inefficiencies that included the absence of consistently high-quality products with uniformly applied standards, poor customer service that was indifferent to meeting the needs of customers, and the inability to adapt to the ever changing needs of consumers, Biosense Pharmacy was created to fill a gap in the marketplace and rectify the inefficiencies they found. With the creation of Biosense Pharmacy, a new standard of improved and much needed trust in health care provider relationships were born.

The focus of Biosense Pharmacy is on sourcing the safest and most effective nutritional pharmaceutical, cosmetic and cosmeceutical products in order to provide consumers the highest quality and most beneficial products available in a one-stop location, whether online or through traditional retail channel. With a capable production team, many of the Biosense products are created in-house in order to ensure compliance with the company's mandate to sell only premium quality products with fully consistent reliability following standards and products selected or created by our elite medical team.

To fulfill this mandate of a commitment to total quality, Biosense Pharmacy focuses some of its resources on educational programs that help educate customers on products and relevant health information that help them become more informed consumers. Biosense believes it's of the upmost importance to inform consumers on why it's important to select products that are produced by companies with a commitment to the highest health care standards.

From all angles Biosense Pharmacy is the trusted supplier of nutritional, pharmacy, cosmetic and cosmeceutical products. Whether it is selecting from a wide range of the highest-grade products to the education of consumers and then on to distribution, shipping and customer service, Biosense focuses on total quality. While all products at Biosense are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements governing compounding, producing and supplying top quality natural items, all products selected or created in house go above and beyond government quality regulations in order to reach a level of effectiveness that guarantees customers that they have exercised the right choice when selecting a Biosense product.

The management and staff at Biosense firmly believe that consumers will not be disappointed when they put their trust in our pharmacy, cosmetic and nutritional products. Biosense Pharmacy has your health needs covered.

Biosense Pharmacy
145 13988 Maycrest Way, Richmond, B.C.
Local Tel: 604.278.7955
Toll Free Tel: 1.877.998.2272

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We specialize in formulating professional custom-made medicinal and cosmeceutical compounds to perfectly suit your special and daily needs. Clinical Services available for weight-loss, anti-aging medicine, and overall well-being and energy program.

Biosense Clinical Pharmacy
Biosense Clinical Pharmacy
Biosense Clinical Pharmacy
13988 Maycrest Way (145)
Richmond, BC V6V 3C3