Biomar Has Obtained Good Results For The Treatment Of Cancer

Biomar Microbial Technologies is interested in finding partners to further pursue their clinical investigations

A biotechnical company called Biomar Microbial Technologies, has recently announced its strategy to achieve an annual growth superior to 20%, from 2011 to 2014, based on the intensive internationalization and diversification policy of its Business Units in various business sectors. In like manner, Biomar has just made public the positive results it has obtained from the research carried out on some of their marine compounds to treat Glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of cancer, as well as multiple sclerosis.

Antonio Fernández, CEO of Biomar, has recently stated that they are looking for international partners in order to complete their studies -which have already reaped positive results- on how to treat the above pathologies.

According to Mr. Fernández, one of the most important keys to the singularity of this biotechnology consists in having created and compiled, over the last fifteen years, the largest collection of useful marine compounds in the whole of Europe. The collection comprises more than 58,000 extracts and 1,500 fermentation culture mediums derived from the sea. Both extracts and culture mediums are available for use in clinical trials, with a view to finding treatments for various illnesses, and can also be used in both the agricultural and biofuel sectors.

Mr. Fernández points out that "One of the keys to our continual growth has been the diversity of this taxonomic and chemical collection which has guaranteed us its use in various industrial sectors such as: Human Health, Food, Agriculture and Biofuel".

Department of Human Health and Pharmacology
Within the Human Health Department, Biomar investigates and develops both its own marine therapies and also those of other big multinationals -partners- who want to continue to increase their research and patents in the treatment of different pathologies.

Biomar currently carries out its own research and internal development processes and holds its own patents for medicines derived from the marine environment. Researchers at Biomar have already obtained good results in their initial phases of investigation on diverse natural marine compounds that have proved effective in treating Glioblastoma, the most aggressive brain cancer called (IB10A1111). This research has been done together with a prestigious U.S. university. Furthermore, Biomar has also obtained optimistic results in its initial studies on different types of marine-derived micro-organisms which have reduced tumoral activity in the treatment of Leukemia (IB06F259).

Biomar is also conducting research on compounds that have angiogenic benefits in the treatment of cancer.
Arturo Ayats, Vice President of Biomar explains "We are currently developing various compounds that inhibit the growth of blood vessels which feed the cancerous cells. This offers a huge advantage over chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer as the latter damages both cancerous and healthy tissue. These antiangiogenics destroy the blood vessels that originate in the cancer cells and create a bridge for metastasis."

Furthermore, Biomar also develops natural compounds that have proven their therapeutic utility in bacteria that cause serious and very resistant infections. Mr. Fernández stressed "We work with marine micro-organisms which have demonstrated their effectiveness as natural antifungals that can be applied diversely, as, for example, in the treatment of atopic dermatitis."

Biomar offers its marine compound collection to other multinational pharmaceutical companies
On the other hand, within the Human Health Department, Biomar offers third party multinational pharmaceuticals new chemical structures which are potentially therapeutic in the treatment of different pathologies. This is true of PharmaMar, a company that uses Biomar's marine compounds to further investigate its oncological therapies. Noscira, another pharmaceutical company which specializes in researching medicines to treat diseases which stem from the central nervous system also benefits from Biomar's know-how, as do the pharmaceutical companies, Omnia Molecular and Laboratorios Ferrer, with whom Biomar is developing new compounds capable of eliminating infections.

U.S. biotechnology companies also use Biomar's resources
Biomar's Human Health Department also carries out research together with multinational U.S. Biotechnology companies such as Aphios Corporation with whom Biomar has developed compounds to treat infections linked to Aids, and Maguellan Biosciences/NC, a multinational company with whom they investigate compounds which can be useful in treating a variety of infections caused both by bacteria and viruses.

Biomar has already obtained 7 patents for their collection of beneficial compounds, three of which are dedicated to anti-tumoral research, two to anti-infection compounds and one to a neuro-protector. Mr. Fernández stated that "Two of these patents have already been awarded licences and we expect the rest to have them by 2012."

In Mr. Fernández's opinion, one of the company's priorities over the next two years is to attain new agreements with U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies to try and sell licenses for different compounds. Mr. Fernández declared that "In order to achieve this international boost we have recruited new members of staff, such as Arturo Ayats Perez, who has just joined the company in the role of Vice President and is in charge of managing Biomar's international development by means of agreements established with distributors in the USA, Europe, the Asian and Arab markets.

Expansion strategy - Diversification
Antonio Fernández mentioned that one of the keys to growth in his company consisted in the diversification of their own areas of business and services in order to make the most of the enormous biological potential of their collection of different marine compounds.

Food is another of the fields in which various marine micro-organisms called endophytics have demonstrated their usefulness.
Currently, the international health authorities have imposed various restrictions on the use of chemical preservatives which can be potentially harmful to consumer health, as in the case of those used to preserve certain meat products. Mr. Fernández emphasized that "Amongst our marine compounds we have identified new natural preservatives which we will be starting to sell to the big food sector companies. Moreover, we are in possession of marine micro-organisms which avoid both the fungal and bacterial infections which can arise in the culture medium of fish and shell-fish reared in captivity."

Agriculture is another sector which is demanding natural micro-organisms to eliminate the use of plague control sprays which destroy crops. Mr. Ayats revealed that "Biomar has just recently led an agreement reached with the North American companies DuPont and Marrone Organic Investigations which has culminated in Marrone's recent request to register a compound called Thaxomin A, discovered by Biomar, which is effective as a bio-pesticide in the elimination of weeds that affect crops and will next year be sold in the U.S."

The cultivation of micro-organisms produces bio-fuel
Biomar is also using its marine collection in the bio-fuel sector together with the most important petrol companies. Mr. Ayats stated that "Some of our micro-organisms (cyanbacterias) directly affect the development of bio-diesel through their capacity to produce fatty acids. These micro-algae are capable of trapping C02, a quality that makes them extremely attractive to the petrochemical industry. Furthermore, we are in possession of fungi capable of converting bio-fuel waste, such as glycerol, into products of high industrial added value."

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