Introduces National Website for Local Business to Post Coupons introduces a national website for local business to post coupons and user to save on items they use everyday.

New, easy to use, coupon and promotional, website that is allowing users anywhere in the United States to post coupons and promotions for their businesses. A business owner creates a coupon or promotional deal that is direct, local and targeted to drive traffic. Creating a coupon is simple and allows business owners complete access to control their online marketing. is an online marketing platform that unites business and consumers.
"Traditional media such as print, television, radio and for that matter an effective website with a keywords campaign has become cost prohibitive for small local businesses. Business owners need a way to reach people in their own backyard without spending a fortune. has a solution. Business can post coupon as easily as if they were on, but with users who are actually looking for their deals..."states Serra Rain Vice President of Marketing. is a place where people go who want to save on everyday items. It is easy to use, has a very clean looking front page that is eye catching. Consumers can find deals to national chains such as (NYSE:WMT), and KFC (NYSE:YUM), as well as local businesses.

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