Big Ball Tennis Encourages Everyone to Try Big Ball Tennis - The Exciting New Sport Taking Over the Tennis World is a website that talks about Big Ball Tennis, the newest sport that will take tennis excitement to a whole new level with a conspicuously bigger ball.

To many sports lovers, tennis is one game that enhances it all for them: motor coordination, strategy and alertness. As it can be played as a team game, tennis is also a great way to have fun and meet new friends.

It is evident how enthusiasts get a great feeling out of hitting that tennis ball - and with a bigger ball, there's no saying how more fun the experience can be. Big Ball Tennis - a new sport with an ever bigger ball and a fairly new set of rules - makes it happen. is the online resource for anyone seeking information about big ball tennis and how to play the game. Discussing the game in detail, the website underscores that it is a semi-contact, more aggressive version of regular tennis played with a large 9" tennis ball. People who play tennis games will enjoy this seriously addicting sport for players with the unique talent of taking something ridiculous seriously, and the physical ability to back it up.

According to the website, Big Ball Tennis was first played in 2002 by Mike Sullivan mainly as a joke to mock and irritate some local tennis players in Southern California. After being fine-tuned with a consistent set of rules and regulations with friend Jason Drews, the sport is now growing exponentially.

"Big Ball Tennis owns regular tennis . . . it's not even a contest," avid player Kane of San Diego, California says. "It's funny to see normal tennis players longing to be in our games when we play on a public court." offers a wealth of information and videos for the fun new sport that will delight all age groups and experience levels. The website talks about how the Big Ball Tennis rules are slightly different, but the scoring system is the same as traditional tennis. Notably, the game is played with a certain degree of "Prison Rules," meaning more is allowed than not. As with any game, however, a standard set of rules is in place.

To find out more about the Big Ball Tennis game for maximum enjoyment, please visit for information.

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