Big Cat Rescue CEO's 20 Year Plan To Control And Make Extinct The Exotic Cat Population

Carole Baskin's 20-year plan to control the exotic cat industry by the year 2015.

Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue, released a 20-year plan for her and her facility to control the exotic cat industry. She states in the plan that by the year 2015 there will be no more tigers left in the wild, and by the year 2013, she has plans to have stirred such uproar that zoos will be forced to move all their exotic cats to sanctuaries working under her guidance.
Straight from the 20 year plan.

2012: All exotic cats will be afforded protection under CITES. This means that they cannot be sold across state lines for any reason. The reason for this, unfortunately will be that there are no longer viable populations left of most species and the look-alike species will be protected in the last ditch effort to save what is left.

Action of Big Cat Rescue roll is to use its enormous supporter base and internationally known name to expose zoos for the prisons they are. There won't be a person in America who hasn't been exposed to the fact that their support of a zoo only causes suffering and abuse for the exotic cats. Big Cat Rescue will propose that zoos be required to financially provide for long-term care for any exotic cat previously in their use.

2013: Zoos will no longer exhibit exotic cats, from pumas to tigers due to the public's increasing intolerance for seeing these majestic creatures imprisoned.

Action of Big Cat Rescue will be used as a training ground to help sanctuaries fill the demand caused by the zoos abandoning their big cats. We will help with fundraising activities through our won support base for likeminded sanctuaries so that these displaced cats will receive the best care possible.

2014: Sanctuaries will see a significant rise in the need for their services because the zoos will be trying to rid themselves of the cause of so much public scorn by dumping their unwanted cats into the only place allowed, i.e. accredited sanctuaries.

Action of Big Cat Rescue will pressure zoos, through public awareness and legislation, to stop breeding, buying and displaying exotic cats.

2015: Zoos will no longer display exotic cats. This will be a result of public learning the truth about zoo life for the exotic cats and not being willing to support an industry that uses these creatures to make money. Because the plight of the exotic cat in the wild will be such a lost cause by this time, the zoos will not be able to hide behind their "Noah's Ark" argument any longer.

Action: Big Rescue will aid accredited sanctuaries in funding the retirement of these cats and continue to train the staff who will care for these cats. Big Cat Rescue will offer workshops, online classes and on-site training to accredited sanctuaries to help them with their fundraising efforts. Big Cat Rescue will continue to raise funds to provide grants to other accredited sanctuaries for their exotic cat care. Our staff will be trained in the best fundraising methods and best husbandry practices so that they can continue to teach in our ever-growing intern program. The oversight of grant distribution will require site visits and through understanding of the best practices to insure that the funds are used properly. This should keep busy for the next 10 years. As the cats in cages age and die, the need will gradually dissipate. We can scale down as the needs dictates. Those who wish to continue may decide to branch out into other species using the experience and knowledge base acquired over these past 20 years.

2025: Most of the cats displaced by the closing of zoos will now have died out. The few left will be in tightly run and closely watched sanctuaries. The public will no longer allow exotic cats to suffer in anonymity.

In a nutshell folks, if you can read between the lines, she admits that the wild population has no hope of survival and she wants all cats in captivity to slowly die off by controlling through Big Cat Rescue every sanctuary's financial status and day-to-day operations. To her the only sanctuaries allowed to house these cats will be accredited by whom? Herself? What would be wrong with that is a sanctuary is not inspected by any federal agency. And, according to her plan, it is to ensure all grant funding and education is filtered through Big Cat Rescue, which will only increase her dollar figures at Big Cat Rescue. What a genius plan. To get people so worked up they can't see that zoos are the only survival plan for some of these animals, and garner support for such a lunatic idea to ensure all these species become extinct by the year 2025. For what? Power and greed, putting her in total control of the species survival plan.

Joe Schreibvogel believes she has a GOD complex. He thinks Baskin has totally lost all sense of responsibility to the animals over her efforts to control the rest of America and her greedy pocketbook. "If you ever watch her online video, 'The Science of Getting Rich,' you could see she is not playing with a full deck," states Schreibvogel.

"Just the meer fact that she can con people from all walks of life to believe that this is the answer scares the hell out of most professional zoo keepers."

Schreibvogel says, "I can't even believe she can get this many people to believe the hype after she paid $94,000.00 to fill her sanctuary full of cats."

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