BibleTruths731 Sheds Light on the Concept of Hell to Educate and Empower Christians, a new blog that commits to spreading the Word of God, provides detailed discussions about the place of everlasting torment called "hell," as Scripture clearly says it.

The idea of hell has become all too common among people. Almost with utter disregard for their actual circumstance, hell is being in situations that make them hurt, unhappy, sick, discontented or scared. In fact, many people who undergo a terrible experience or deal with a difficult problem casually refer to their situation as being "in hell."

Similarly, the words "go to hell" ring familiar in almost everyday situations of uncontrolled rage and anger. To many who uphold decency, the phrase is a form of profanity, swearing and cursing. However, including such words in songs that depict hatred or loathing seem to be music to the ears of some who consider the idea of hell remote or unreal. reveals the way that hell should be perceived according to the Word of God. True to its name, the new blog is all about telling the world of His truth in a simplified manner for greater understanding. underscores that the idea of hell is not something to be taken lightly; it is, in fact, a major epidemic that needs to be addressed. From a Christian perspective, practically all people will go to this place if they continue to be ignorant and indifferent, even with their God-given freedom to make conscious decisions about their final destination.

Making reference to relevant verses in the Holy Bible, clarifies that hell is not a spiritual place, and neither is it in space. As opposed to the belief of most people, hell is a physical place of torment located on planet Earth. The website specifically cites Psalm 63:9 of the King James Version (KJV) explaining that hell is located "in the lower parts of the earth." looks to Luke 16 19:31, explaining that while the human body is in the grave, the soul - that part of the human being which has emotions and has intellect - is what's in hell.

For a clearer discussion on hell and it being a consequence of daily choices and actions, please visit for information.

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