BibleTruths731 Discusses Christian Life Empowerment through the Power of Prayer, a website offering glimpses of God's Truth that the Bible speaks of, offers a full discussion on prayer, as the Scripture defines it.

For many Christians around the globe, prayer gives life its very essence. In fact, Christians are firm believers of making prayer a part of daily living: it is the best way to start and end their day. Even children are taught to pray before going to bed in order to enjoy a relaxing sleep that is free from nightmares. Considered a way to communicate with God, prayer is heavily and frequently discussed in the Holy Bible as a revelation of God's truth. is a blog that discusses in detail the must-know truths about prayer, according to God's Word. Created with the aim of spreading what the Bible says, the website guides Christian believers all over the world and from all walks of life toward a better understanding of everything that is written in the Scriptures. is also aiming to help the unbelievers see the truth as God says it.

"The minute you stop praying, you get confused. You don't know what's right or what's wrong. You are completely living in darkness, confused, and chaos takes over your life. Prayer will clear the air by giving you clarity of mind. Prayer gives you direction in life," states.

Talking intensively about prayer, points to various verses in the Bible that point to the greatness of prayer, how to pray, when to pray and the results of prayer. Citing the verses from Book of Job 21, the website underscores that the wicked are in trouble with God because they are not calling on Him. As a result of prayerlessness, even believers make the wrong decisions.

According to, people who don't pray are making it easy for the demons to enter their lives and let the light go out with no blessing and prosperity, but only oppression and struggle. People who keep on talking to God through prayer, on the other hand, are protected, and do not lose their faith and fear of the Lord.

As specified in Psalms 91:1-4, echoes that a prudent man who sees evil immediately goes to "hide himself" and pray, unlike the foolish who keeps going until they are punished.

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