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These five amazing facts tie the Bible together like nothing you've ever seen before

Did you know that the lives of the Old Testament overlapped so that some of the most important people in history lived at the same time? Did you know that the folks at Bible Timeline have been able to figure out what was going on during the times of the Old Testament?

In their new video, Bible Charts and Maps, Inc., has gathered and explained some the Bible's most fascinating facts and people. The video is free to view on YouTube at or the website for Amazing Bible Timeline at

"We have spent years showing people how amazingly logical and coherent the Bible is. This new video is so much fun. It takes some of the 'gee whiz' facts that are in the Bible and shares them in a way that bring them to life." - Margaret Hunter, Bible Timeline

Daniel of the Bible was alive in the Holy Lands at the same time that China's most influential thinker, Confucius, lived. There are very few men that have been as influential as these two men. The idea that two of the most important men in history lived at the same time, thousands of miles apart, is fascinating. This is just one of the thought-provoking facts from the Bible that this amazing video shows viewers.

"I think that this video and many of the facts that we have revealed through our studies make the Bible even more vibrant. It's like doing a family tree; the more that we discover, the more the people come to life. That's why I am so excited for this video. It will help to bring all of these people to life for others too." - Margaret Hunter, Bible Timeline

Bible Charts and Maps flagship product is the Amazing Bible Timeline available as a wall poster and digitally. An updated version is produced once each decade. Maps of Israel are also available in digital only format. These tools for enhancing Bible study are used by churches of all denominations, home-schoolers and for personal Bible study.

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