Beyond The Flightline Interviews Five Time World Champion

Interview with the five time RC soaring champion Daryl Perkins

RCFlightline, a company dedicated to family and flight using radio controlled aircraft, has just announced the latest production of its "Beyond the Flightline" podcast to include a revealing interview with five time RC soaring champion Daryl Perkins. This true competitor tells how he never expected to be considered one of the best, let alone world champion. He also explains how his dad got him involved in aviation and how his love for a hobby helped in obtaining a job in the world of unmanned aircraft.

Unexpected World Champion

According to Marty Daniels and Todd Carrison, host and co-host, this family friendly episode of "Beyond The Flightline" podcast has great information on how to get your family involved in RC aircraft, plus Daryl Perkins tells his story of how he got started in radio control and accidently took first place in an event he didn't ever prepare to be in. Todd adds "You also don't want to miss Marty's interview with Steve Swagerty in the Buddy Box segment as Marty learns the do's and don'ts of being a RC flight beginner."

"Beyond The Flightline" Podcasts Keep Families Informed

"Beyond The Flightline", every episode talks about what's going on in the radio control aircraft industry including new products being released, upcoming events, as well as interviews with aircraft industry leaders. Each podcast produced by RCFlightline will be available to any online listeners interested in learning more about radio controlled aircraft. Listeners will be able to access new episodes of "Beyond The Flightline" each month, either via streaming, RSS, or downloadable audio. On the go listeners can also use RCFlightline's Android or Apple applications including iTunes. Additionally, conversations can continue off-air after each podcast through the dedicated podcast forum available at RCFlightline.com.

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