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Proven technology enables diesel fleets to run longer, cleaner, and cheaper

Jane K. Gates, a Minnesota based energy efficient diesel fuel solutions consultant, announces the launch of a new website, The site delivers data and information for diesel fleet managers looking to improve performance, reduce maintenance, and boost their bottom line results.

Diesel engine performance, maintenance, and carbon footprint issues are front of mind for fleet managers across the board in industries including marine transport, mining, facilities and power generation, municipalities, construction and trucking. provides case studies and data regarding EnerBurn, a diesel fuel performance catalyst and fuel borne engine treatment developed and produced by Texas based Enerteck. The technology offers improvements in performance, reduced maintenance, and greener operation without the need for expensive bolt-on solutions.

Rigorous testing has proven the performance of EnerBurn. As Jane Gates, consultant and EnerBurn representative notes; "The hard work of building a proper testing protocol, collecting and analyzing the data has already been done. We have a wealth of information on hand to help fleet managers demonstrate exactly what this technology can do for their operations."

The increase in environmental emissions regulations has made finding a cost-effective solution a priority. Navigating through the many options for reducing emissions from diesel engines is a daunting task. The proven results of EnerBurn along with Jane's knowledge and experience are a welcome oasis in a market riddled with "snake oil" solutions.

The website,, is a quick reference point to get on the road to more efficient, greener operations. New information is continually being added making it worth visiting regularly.

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