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BestMassage Is Now Solar Powered

BestMassage, the international massage table and supplies warehouse, has installed solar panels on its office's roof in Chicago, now producing a great deal of its energy.

BestMassage is committed to green practices, big and small, from reusing and recycling in its massage warehouse to sourcing sustainable and organic massage products and massage tables. BestMassage is excited to announce the recent installation of solar panels on its office's roof, by Earth Wind and Solar Energy, producing a good portion of its energy needs.

This past week, the 14 micro inverters were installed in conjunction with the implementation of 26 micro inverters, producing a big part of both businesses' energy. The solar panel project was initiated by Greening Your Block meetings that encouraged participants to green their lives. Buechler believes "Greening our lives is the best thing we can do to help life on our planet survive." It is with this idealism and the support of meeting members that made incorporating a renewable resource a realistic and viable option. For an idea of how much energy is being produced, powering a light bulb for one hour uses 13 watt-hours of energy. This morning alone, the solar panels have already gathered 127 watt-hours. You can monitor the solar panels' current energy production HERE.

Peter Wang, Marketing Director for BestMassage, is happy about this milestone. "As a tenet of Our Philosophy, making decisions based upon environmental imprint is a main concern. Whether sourcing organic products or reusing paper in the printer, we are determined to make greening a priority, and implementing the clean renewable resource of solar power in our daily operations is a leap we are proud to be a part of.

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