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Inversion therapy is becoming a popular way of treating back pain. The therapy involves being at an inverted angle or even upside down, which is said to have therapeutic benefits for pain sufferers. The more popular this therapeutic treatment becomes, the more manufacturers try to compete to sell their products. There are so many inversion tables for sale on the retail market that it's now becoming increasingly harder for consumers to decide on the right one for their needs. is here to help you make the right choice. Many Americans currently suffer from some degree of back pain whether it's slight or severe. Every day the human body is worn down by incorrect posture, repetitive and taxing movements and by plain old persistent gravity. Unfortunately, gravity, which keeps us grounded, also takes its toll as it pulls us downward, day after day.

If you thought fighting gravity was futile, think again.

It's believed that the negative long-term effects of gravity's persistence can be combated by simply flipping the body upside down - "inverting" - for only 5 to 10 minutes a day. Inversion therapy is steadily gaining popularity due its known propensity to increase mobility, ease pain, and bolster health.

However, therapeutic inverting requires one quality piece of equipment - an inversion table. Here's where comes in. New on the scene this year, the review website aims to assist the overwhelmed consumer by doing the tough research for them and then making the findings easily accessible. tests popular products in the inversion therapy market today and provides in-depth reviews on each product on its website, thereby steering the buyer in the right direction and enabling them to select the right inversion table for them - the one that best suits them.

Everyone would like to be free of those daily aches and pains, whether big or small, to move about with ease and to sleep better. Essentially, everyone would like to feel younger. The inversion table helps achieve these wants by countering spine compression, and opening up and re-hydrating spinal discs. In consequence, this means: back pain relief, reduced stress and fatigue, improved blood circulation, facilitated blood/oxygen flow to head/brain, increased movement of lymphatic fluids, and strengthened core muscles.

But in order for the best results, it's important to have the right - and the best - inversion table. This year, was determined to find a high-quality table that stood out head and shoulders above the rest and to award it "Best Inversion Table 2012". The winner was determined to be the Teeter EP-560 an inversion table deemed the newest quality product from the reliable and well-known Teeter brand.

The Teeter EP-560, released early this year, is an improvement on Teeter's 550 inversion table model, but it is a great deal. It's the least expensive higher-end table and offers $150 in free accessories with purchase. The spotlighting of the EP-560 by allows buyers a quick and easy choice in purchase decision making.

In addition to easing consumers' minds by providing detailed, thorough product review information, including video reviews, on the website so that the buyer can select the right product for them, also directs buyers to online venues such as Amazon where they can by the product at the best price.

Unfortunately, many men and women will at some point in their life experience back pain and spine ailments. It's a relief knowing that not only can one product, an inversion table, ease the aches and pains, but that there is help in finding the right product through

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