Reveals One Hour A Week Workout To Burn Fat looks closer at the One Hour a Week workout to see if one can really burn fat and lose weight.

All the publications and fitness professionals say that one must workout hours and hours every week to maintain your health and weight but the One Hour a week workout shows differently.

Exposed in this article by Dan Go, The Fitness Ninja he explains how one only needs to workout one hour per week to lose weight. Here's part of the article.

We cycle through 4 different xtreme fat loss programs to make sure your body doesn't ever plateau...because plateaus seriously suck. Because NOTHING is worse than working hard and not seeing results right?

So after going on a huge tangent...HERE is the program that will get you back into your old pair of skinny jeans in 1 hour a week:

The BodyBack Fat Loss Exercise Program
Each workout challenges your body in different ways. Each workout is so different that it ends up confusing your body into burning more fat. I think the experts call it muscle confusion...whatever it works really really well.

You can do these at home and all you need are dumbbells and a stability ball.

One Minute Metabolism Maximizers - We go 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off for each exercise. We pick 5 exercises and do them all for 20 minutes.

Ten Minute Fat Loss Circuits - We pick 3-4 exercises for each circuit, we pick a rep range for each exericse and try to get through as many circuits as possible within the 10 minutes. If you are wondering.. we do 2 different circuits.

Tabata's aka. 4 Minute fat melters - We do 1-2 exercises within one 4 minute tabata. With tabata's you go 20 seconds on and 10 seconds either resting or getting yourself into the next exercise.

Ten Minute Afterburner Complexes - We pick 3-4 exercises with a specific rep range. Each exercise done after another without letting go of the dumbbell. You do as many circuits as possible within the 20 minutes.

We do 3 of these workouts a week and it will take you about 1 hour a week to complete.

Now if you say that you don't have 1 hour a week to get in shape then please close this email right away. EVERYONE can find an hour to do these workouts and get into incredible shape.

To read the rest of the article just go here, 1 Hour A Week Workout. As you can see here Dan really knows his stuff and it really is nothing controversial. He uses sound methods to get rapid results for his clients.

To find more fat burning tips or want more Shapeshifter Body Redesign workouts, visit


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