Best US Cities to Live Cheap

The best U.S. cities to live cheap based on the cost of living selected by Money Journal are spread out in nine states.

A suburb outside of Oklahoma City, and a smaller Colorado city have been named as the best two cities to live in the U.S. the cheapest in 2014 by online magazine The Cost of Living index rating the best 10 U.S. cities to live the cheapest were calculated with assistance from the Council for Community and Economic Research.

Norman, Oklahoma was named as the cheapest city to live in, followed by Pueblo, Colorado. The two cities almost tied for the cheapest place to live. The study measures differences in the cost of consumer goods and services for 306 urban areas researchers evaluate over the year. In all, nine states were represented in the best 10 cities, the majority of which are located in the south.

The struggling economy has driven millions of Americans to look elsewhere to find work or a cheaper place to live. A new Gallup survey revealed Tuesday that the #1 problem Americans are worried about is jobs, with millions of former employees that have been out of work for more than two years. Employment is improving, however, in many regions with the unemployment rate dropping to a 6.6% average for the U.S. despite efforts many companies are making to restrict hiring as a result of sluggish sales.

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