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Best Rug Pads Adds Solid Rubber Non Slip Rug Pad

Best Rug Pads is pleased to announce it has recently added a 100% solid rubber non slip rug pad to its product line. Rug-Chek rubber rug pad is proudly made in the USA by No-Muv.

Best Rug Pads announces that it has recently added Rug-Chek, a 100% natural rubber non slip rug pad, to its product line of fine area rug pads. Rug-Chek, like the other rug pads offered by Best Rug Pads, is made in the USA and is made by the No-Muv family of fine rug pad products.

"We have customers asking for a non slip rug pad that is not too thick and one that is all natural", states Sam of Best Rug Pads. "We are proud to offer Rug-Chek as it is a 100% natural rubber non slip rug pad." Unlike other similar looking non slip rug pads, Rug-Chek is truly made from 100% natural rubber that will not harm floors.

Made in the USA, Rug-Chek is about 1/8 of an inch thick and consists of an open weave construction to allow for ventilation. Rug-Chek non slip rubber rug pad is natural, hypoallergenic and mold and mildew resistant. "Rug-Chek is unlike other look-a-like non slip rug pads in that it is pure rubber and not a chemical sprayed plastic rug pad that could harm floors", continues Sam. "Unlike others, Rug-Chek does not feel sticky. This sticky feeling is what proves chemicals are involved and these chemicals usually stick to the floor and cause damage."

Best Rug Pads already carries Durahold Plus and No-Muv rug pads, part of the No-Muv family of rug pad products. The addition of Rug-Chek has proven to be quite successful. "The No-Muv brand is a very strong and reputable brand of rug pads and we're always happy to offer their products", states Sam. "Rug-Chek is another example of how the company stresses quality standards that are only imitated in the rug pad industry."

As far as non slip rug pads go, there are felt and rubber ones and then there are only pure rubber ones. A customer would choose Rug-Chek over a felt and rubber rug pad if thickness is an issue. Rug-Chek adds protection to the rug and the floor, as well as non slip functions, without adding too much thickness. Rug-Chek works extremely well under area rugs on all types of hard floors such as hardwood, tile, marble and stone. Rug-Chek is considered to be the best 100% rubber non slip rug pad available.

Best Rug Pads is an online store that offers secure shopping of quality rug pads such as Durahold, No-Muv, Rug-Chek and Deluxe rug pads. All rug pads can be custom cut for no extra charge and all ship within one business day for free.

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