Best Real Estate Markets in 2014 Announced

The best 10 real estate markets in 2014 for investors in the U.S. have been announced by

Eight states share the the 10 best real estate markets in 2014 for investors to make a profit in the U.S. The annual list was announced by Money today. Many of the 10 cities have been hard hit by foreclosures providing some of the lowest priced homes in years, but some haven't dealt with record high troubled properties in their communities.

Albuquerque, New Mexico was selected as the #1 real estate market for investors looking to make a profit in housing. Hard hit Atlanta, Georgia which has sustained one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country and Las Vegas rank as the second and third best markets.

Cities in Colorado, Texas, Florida and California round out the list. However, cities in many states with the most foreclosures, including Florida, Ohio and Illinois don't always provide the rapid appreciation that most investors want to see in order to buy homes to make a profit. Home prices have seen strong increases in most of the nation over the past year, but higher home prices accompanied by rising mortgage rates have slowed sales in most regions of the country.

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