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Best Place To Live Is In Panama - Tour Offers Preview Of Real Panamanian Lifestyle

The Panama Relocation Tour shows what it's like to live in Panama, a country that's currently being considered as one of the best places to live in due to its low costs of living, modern perks and natural beauty.

The Panama Relocation and Retirement Tour is the first and only one of its kind tour package that offers a real preview of what it's like to live in Panama, which is currently being touted as the best place to live in for retirees. Participants will not only be able to do sightseeing but also visit key areas where more than 1,000 American and European expats live. These people consider Panama as their second home due to the low costs of living in the country coupled by its modern conveniences and scenic getaways.

Jackie Lange, the general manager and tour coordinator of states that the tour basically covers what retirees want to see in order for them to make a judgment on whether Panama is for them or not. Participants will travel from Panama City to other key areas like Boquete, David, El Valle, Coronado and many more. In each city and town, tour participants will be shown hospitals, residential areas, schools, recreational facilities, markets, malls and many other must-have conveniences for daily living.

"No one else is doing a tour like this in Panama", Lange says with pride. "I'll be on the tour with you every day to answer your questions about living in Panama and reveal some of the best kept secrets I have discovered during my move to this country", she further adds. Lange states that the highlight of the tour is being able to meet and talk to the American expats who are currently residing permanently in Panama.

When asked why a growing number of Americans have made the move to Panama, Lange tells us that the costs of living in this country are very cheap. It is one place where people can live inexpensively while being treated to modern conveniences and natural beauty. It is one country full of extremes. A person can find skyscrapers and modern edifices in its capital city and at the same time see old ruins and great mountains, waterfalls and beaches in other locations.

The Panama Relocation Tour is a 5-day and 4-night package that is inexpensively priced at US$1450 per person or US$2400 per couple sharing a room. The tour package includes airport transfers as well as ground transportation, meals and hotel stays for the official tour. It offers a great opportunity to learn what life will be like in Panama. It is by far the only kind of tour there is that offers a real preview as to the life that awaits people who want to retire in Panama. Here is one testimonial from a happy tour participant.

"WOW!!! That was a real Fairytail adventure that ended too soon. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of it and can't wait to get back there. Opportunities abound and that country's future in on the right track. I hope everyone returned safely and keeps in touch to encourage each other to keep up the momentum for the big move south. To Your Increased Wealth," - MAC, Florida

The tour is limited to 15 adults. Interested parties may visit the LiveForLessInPanama website or call the number 972-220-9810 for more details. Tour dates for 2012 are currently closed but tour packages for February 2013 are already available. Maybe it's time to reserve a spot and vacation in a country of great promise and consider it as the best place to live in.

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