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An object that stocks energy to be used for future is called battery. The actual mechanism of a battery is the conversion of chemical energy into electricity by making use of a galvanic cell.

Operative theory behind batteries :
An object that stocks energy to be used for future is called battery. The actual mechanism of a battery is the conversion of chemical energy into electricity by making use of a galvanic cell. At times the process can also involve the use of more than one galvanic cell. Batteries are the storing points of electric energy. With the alteration of the chemicals in the battery, electrical energy is radiated and stored but never produced. There is a continuous recurrence of the mentioned process in case of rechargeable batteries. However, a lead acid battery works with lead oxide as positive and pure lead as negative. Be it an automobile battery, an inverter battery or a UPS battery, the worth lies in the supply of power.

The SF Sonic Power :
SF Sonic is a name suggestive of power. Batteries from SF Sonic are the results of elaborate and detailed R&D and a tough quality control. Manufactured to suit the basic need of strength, SF Sonic batteries are tailor made for Indian conditions. The grid alloy technology used for making these batteries establishes symmetry between performance and durability. Slowly becoming an easy choice for battery buyers, SF Sonic has been widely accepted for the resilience of their two and four wheeler batteries. SF Sonic's Industrial Range of lead acid batteries is perfect to withstand the predicaments of Indian roads. The UPS, genset and inverter batteries of SF Sonic are sought after for their dependability.

The facility :
SF Sonic brings forth an array of functional benefits. From guidance on choosing the suitable battery to its maintenance followed by service and replacement - SF Sonic does this all. With SF Sonic you do not only choose the right battery but also get to know the right way of its preservation. A battery brought from them could be registered with them for free battery maintenance. This includes the responsibility of systematic checking of the battery as well as battery exchange and buying. SF Sonic has also introduced the facility of Bat Mobile Service that addresses auto electrical emergencies of vehicles, comprising any sort of battery failure, no matter where and when.

The network :
SF Sonic brings the service of online battery store which facilitates buying of batteries online without having to search for a store though the exclusive stores of SF Sonic, known as Sonic Stations, are sufficiently spread around the nation. These stores enable better and diverse service assistances. Although there are many auto battery showrooms situated at various places of our country, most of them deal with a specific sort of concern. Sonic Station is a totally revised concept and has transformed the idea of car battery stores in India. These stores of SF Sonic extended to end power solutions by means of a string of useful products and personalized services. The battery showroom conveniences are always beneficial for people who seek one stop solutions for their problems. Apart from these, SF Sonic also involves a strong network of battery dealers that ensures of the availability of their product across the length and breadth of the nation. These dealer networks are dependable and valuable sources of business for SF Sonic.

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The SF Sonic range of batteries serve a wide category of uses. SF Sonic, with its unparalleled power and superlative quality has by far been the most prudent choice for Indian roads.

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