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Engagement gift ideas for her can be anywhere from something simple and practical to something funny and light-hearted.

Engagement gift ideas can be anywhere from something simple and practical to something funny and light-hearted. It does not have to be extravagant because there will be a lot of other opportunities to spoil the bride-to-be with over-the-top gifts. Any newly engaged woman will appreciate any sweet token of congrats as an engagement gift.

Here are a few engagement gift ideas for her:

* Fun Bride Gear
As a newly engaged woman, this is her time to shine! Getting her fun bridal gear, like caps, t-shirts, tank tops, cute sandals, and other bridal engagement gift ideas can be a really fun way for her to soak up her bridal limelight. Between now and the wedding, she can sport her new bridal gear while shopping, at the different events that she will be attending, and just lounging around! Let her inner bride shine with some flashy new gear!

* Personalized Tote
The bride will be busy between now and the wedding. Give her something that she can surely use! A personalized tote with her future married name or a funny slogan, like "Mrs. Always Right" can be a fun engagement gift. She can use it to store all her bridal magazines, wedding planners, and other bridal necessities. If it is summertime, she may even use it as a beach bag or weekend getaway bag. A girl can never have too many cute totes, so giving her one especially for her wedding is a great idea!

* Bridal Magazine Subscription
A subscription to a bridal magazine, or many bridal magazines, can be a great gift that she can look forward to every month. She will be able to find the latest wedding trends and get some awesome ideas about themes, decorations, and other tips to make her wedding even more memorable for her and her guests.

Considering a bridal magazine subscription then make sure to subscribe as soon as possible because magazines usually take 4-6 weeks for that first issue to get sent. A fun way to present gifts like these would be to purchase a tote and fill it with the latest bridal magazine issues with a note saying that there is more to come. You can also include cute stickies that she can use to bookmark her favorite wedding dresses, make-up tips, and other fun articles and images.

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