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Orijen dry cat food is clearly the Best Cat Food, Best Cat Food , by far in quality. The Orijen brand uses local grown beef, bison, boar, fish, fruits, pork, and vegetables.

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Many of us are 'cat lovers' and want the Best Cat Food available, to feed our cats. Research has shown that most cat foods on the market are made of grains, with little, or no, fresh meat. Cat foods made mostly from grains contributes to diabetes, obesity, and more diseases. Experts recommend dry cat food that is rich in meat.
It is not an easy task, for cat owners to decide which cat food is the Best Cat Food. Looking at several studies, of which is the Best Cat Food in 2014, each study claims a different number one.

Consumer Research claims Orijen as the Best Cat Food, Best Cat Food in 2014, but it is pricey.

1- Orijen is produced by a Canadian company, Champion Pet Foods, which uses local fisherman and local farmers to supply fresh ingredients daily.

2- Orijen is allergy free and has never been involved in the FDA recall.

3- Orijen contains zero grain.

Ingredients included in Orijen Cat Food, includes:

1- Cartilage

2- Chicken

3- Fish

4- Fruits

5- Organs

6- Turkey

7- Vegetables

8- Wild Forage

9- Wildflower Botanicals

A less pricey, Best Cat Food in 2014, is Nature's Logic.

1- Nature's Logic contains blueberries and cranberries, making it a vitamin rich cat food.

2- Nature's Logic does include more than 60% animal protein.

3- Nature's Logic does contain a grain.

4- This all natural cat food, does not contain synthetic supplements.

Best Cat Food Reviews claims 'Taste of the Wild' dry cat food, as it's number one of the Best Cat Food in 2014. It is, also less pricey than Orijen.

1- Taste of the Wild is made from smoked salmon and roasted venison.

2- Taste of the Wild contains fruits and vegetable.

3- Taste of the Wild supplies natural antioxidants that help keep the immune system healthy.

There are many more consumer studies, but, for the purpose of this article, we will stick to the three listed above.
How do cat owners choose which cat food is the Best Cat Food for their cat, or cats? What do they look for?What is the name of the cat food?

1- Cat food regulations are established by the 'Association of American Feed Control Officials,' or (AAFCO).

2- If the word 'beef' is included in the name of a cat food, then the cat food should be 95% beef.

3- If the name of a cat food includes 'beef flavor' then it only needs to include a small amount of beef.

4- Reading the label of contents.

5- Be sure, some animal protein sources are listed at the top of the ingredients.

6- By-Products

7- Some by-products are healthy and nutritious and some are not.

8- Look for digestible by-products, such as Liver and Lungs.

9- Nutritional Adequacy Statements.

It is important to feed your cat(s), a nutritiously balanced dry cat food, that fits his/her life stage. Look for:

1- Balanced Nutrition for Adult Maintenanc

2- Balanced Nutrition for all Life Stages

3- Balanced Nutrition for Reproduction and Growth

4- Guaranteed Analysis

5- Check the Guaranteed Analysis for fat, fiber, and protein percentage.

6- A Guaranteed Analysis does not give information on

7- Digestibility

8- Quality of the dry cat food

9- Quality of ingredients

Perform your own research to find the best available dry cat food, for your cats and you can Check Best Canned Cat Food in 2014

Orijen dry cat food is clearly the Best Cat Food, Best Cat Food , by far in quality. The Orijen brand uses local grown beef, bison, boar, fish, fruits, pork, and vegetables. It is loaded with the nutritional ingredients 'Mother Nature' intended for your cats.

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