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Before you go out and buy a can of these best cat food brands for your feline friend, there are certain aspects of their diet that you need to keep in mind.

One of the most important tasks that you are entrusted with as the caretaker of your cat is to feed them properly. Cat owners, or pet owners in general, always want to ensure that their pets lead healthy lives. However, it is not always easy to obtain accurate information about such things as social and environmental reputation, and nutritional value offered by the various cat food brands. Transparency about the processing methods, sources of ingredients and the ingredients themselves beyond the bare minimum as specified by the law is hard to come by as the best cat food brands are concerned.

So what is the best commercial cat food brand that you should feed to your feline friend? It is about time that you set your sights beyond the traditional cat food brand Whiskas for ingredients play an important role in determining their goodness. Here we take you through a brief description of what we regard as the brands producing the best cat food in 2014.

- Halo Spot's Strew, A Wholesome Chicken Recipe:

1- Comprises high-quality ingredients
2- Free from' grains
3- Does not contain artificial preservatives
4- Calorie content is relatively low so more amount has to be fed
5- As per some experts, cats can do without all the veggies contained in the stew

- Indoor Cat Formula from' Natural Balance:

1- Ingredients are of a superb quality
2- Cheaper than most of the other premium cat food brands
3- Passed through a severe safety test program
4- Cans are free from BPA content
5- Carb content is too high as per some experts
6- It contains carrageenan which is not suited for most cats

- Rice, Turkey and Chicken Dinner from Trader Joe:

1- It does not contain any byproducts
2- There are no preservatives, colors or artificial flavors
3- This product has not experienced any recalls
4- It is not free from grain content
5- Carrageenan content is harmful for some cats
6- It can be produced only at a Trader Joe's grocery store

- Cat And Kitten Formula from' Orijen:

1- Canadian ingredients of such a good quality that it is fit to be served at a human dinner
2- Botancials, cartilage and meat simulate the presence of whole prey
3- Absence of artificial ingredients, fillers and grain products
4- Probiotic content adds to its nutritional value
5- According to some vets, dry food is not the ideal choice for most cats

- Feline And Canine Frozen Food Chicken from Nature's Logic:

1- With a complete raw nutrition, this is the closest one can get to a wild diet for a cat
2- Eggs, Organs and whole meat are approved by the USDA
3- Pre-portioned ingredients makes it easy to handle
4- Artificial ingredients are absent
5- It takes time to transition cats to a diet comprising raw foods

Before you go out and buy a can of these best cat food brands for your feline friend, there are certain aspects of their diet that you need to keep in mind. There are numerous household foods as well as cat food ingredients that you need to avoid so it is important that you read the ingredients label on the can carefully before purchasing. A vegetarian diet is also not okay for your cat. Moreover, your pet's age can affect its diet regime so consult a professional to know what is best for them.

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