Bespoke Tailor Blog Provides Personal Styling Tips for Busy Business Executives

Senszio, a specialist bespoke tailor, officially launches its Style Guide blog for men.

Senszio, a specialist bespoke tailor, officially launches its Style Guide blog for men. The blog caters to businessmen and professionals who desire professional styling advice; from personal grooming tips to the latest men's fashion trends. These insights are gleaned from decades of experience from Senszio in catering to thousands of busy male executives in Europe and the US. This has allowed the specialist men's tailor to develop a close understanding of their customers' aspirations, interests, and professional goals.

The typical Senszio customer is an executive in professional services, such as investment banking, management consulting and legal services, and business owners such as CEOs and entrepreneurs - men who have many demands on their time and attention. These are gentlemen who value tailoring quality, reliability and convenience, but often don't have the time to shop for the best.

Hence, the blog aims to pull together practical tips and quick fashion updates for Senszio's busy customers. It will have the latest news and views on areas such as business executive styles, Hollywood and celebrity styles, men's personal styles, sports and men's fashion as well as tailoring trends.

"As a bespoke tailor, we take a measured perspective on the latest men's trends. You won't find our customers in an electric blue suit, which is what you see on fashion runaways this year. Our customers want suits that are elegant and stylish, but their work requires them to be somewhat conservative. This approach to practical solutions is reflected in our blog, which offers useful advice, such as how to remove stains from your business suit and the best suit for your body shape and also fun topics such as how to dress up to true Mad Men style.

Men want distinctive images with minimum fuss. This is also reflected in how we pay to attention to the subtle details that can make each man's suit distinctive and unique, while ensuring their overall tailoring experience is extremely convenient," said Mark V. Motwani, founder of Senszio.

The blog will be updated once a week and can be viewed on the web at, where you can also sign-up to receive regular posts directly via email. The latest posts from Senszio's bespoke tailoring blog will be available on Facebook (, Twitter ( and LinkedIn (

Inquiries on Senszio bespoke tailoring services can be made at info(a)

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