Bentonite Clay Powder Has A Multitude Of Benefits

Bentonite clay has natural nutrients and minerals that have great healing properties.

Bentonite clay is composed of volcanic ash found in different parts of the world. It has been treating medical conditions since the beginning of civilization. Clay cleanses the liver, colon, and skin. It also balances bacteria in the digestive tract, improves nutrient assimilation, and strengthens the immune system.

Clay can also eliminate food allergies, food poisoning, colitis, viral infections, and parasites. It also treats arthritis, cataracts, diabetic neuropathy, pain, wounds, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, animal and insect bites, anemia, and alcoholism. All digestive conditions can be treated and it aids in weight loss.

One of the most amazing natural properties of clay is the ability to remineralize cells and tissues, alkalize the body, and protects the body against radiation. The clay contains montmorillonite, the primary mineral in clay that has the most beneficial properties. Clay contains magnesium and almost 80 other trace minerals.

It is best to take clay on an empty stomach, at least one hour before meals or taking supplements and herbs. This keeps the clay from interfering with the absorption of nutrients and beneficial items. Health care practitioners recommend drinking plenty of water when taking clay in order to keep the body hydrated to prevent constipation.

Mix one teaspoon of clay in an eight ounce glass of water. Do not mix the clay with anything metal as it can interfere with the properties of clay. Take the clay mixture for three days and then stop for four days. On the fifth day, resume taking it four days and discontinue for three days. Continue this process. Acclimation can take up to four weeks.

Clay can be used as external packs for bone and muscle damage, carpal tunnel, headaches, skin conditions, infected wounds, eye strain and tumors, and clay poured into a hot bath will rejuvenate the skin.

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