Beloved 1968 Musical "Hair" Being Rebooted For Hollywood

1968 "American Tribal Love-Rock Musical" HAIR, often hailed as the father of modern rock musicals, is getting a "reboot" for June run in Hollywood.

The "American Tribal Love-Rock Musical" HAIR, often hailed as the father of modern rock musicals (such as JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, RENT, and SPRING AWAKENING) is getting a "reboot" for June run in Hollywood. Originally opening on Broadway in 1968, HAIR has been performed around the world.

Most productions stick as close to the original as they can, with fans praising the spontaneous energy, while critics call it confusing and disorganized. Centering around a "tribe" of young people in New York City, HAIR is anything but a traditional musical.

"HAIR is not a rock opera [a musical with only sung words and no traditional dialogue], but its book is very light," explains award-winning director Christopher Chase. "So the main way the audience gets to know and understand the characters, outside of the songs and limited dialogue, is through movement and costume."

While this allows for many different interpretations to be produced (while still existing within the guidelines stated in a theatrical rights agreement), most directors shy away from taking chances.

It seems that theTRIBE Productions, the award-winning production house bringing HAIR to Hollywood this June, is making sure audiences will have an experience unlike any other.

Continues Chase, "We are being painstakingly detailed about our characters' clothing and movements to make sure that the audience will understand (and appreciate!) each individual back story."

"The level of attention being paid is absolutely amazing," states Tiffany Oliver, a founding member of theTRIBE and the upcoming production's "Sheila." She gives an example: "We have a character who has moved to New York City from California, and is the 'spiritual leader' of the group. ...and the audience will recognize this without her even needing to open her mouth."

If you're looking for tickets to this "truly amazing production of HAIR" (Leanna Dindall, Choreographer), they are on sale at

June 1-24
El Centro Theatre
804 N. El Centro Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90038

(323) 960-4418

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