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The usual question is to ask who would want to spy on your business.

Sooner or later it happens with every business house - you are months away from launching a new product or service and find that your competitor has beaten you to it with a near identical product or service.

Why network security

What are the chances that your competitor would have had the exact same idea at about the same time that you did and managed to market it just before you did with a price tag that is a little lower than what you had in mind? Believe it or not, the chances are inestimably small.

In the current world of high stakes competition where a perfectly positioned and marketed product can make all the difference to a bottom line, rough businesses cut corners by not spending on R&D. It is so much easier to just steal ideas.

Think medicine - a breakthrough in pharmacology that is stolen by your competitor can add millions to their profitability instead of adding to yours.

The usual question is to ask who would want to spy on your business. The correct question is "which competitor wouldn't?" Which competitor wouldn't want access to your dealer network? Which competitor wouldn't want to know your dealer commission deals and marketing strategy?

For a qualified and experienced hacker, hacking into an unprotected network is a child's play. It just takes a few minutes to gain access to virtually any computer in your office.

Our network security services include:

1. Network Security Reviews
2. Network Audit
3. Network Penetration Testing
4. Investigative Data Services
5. Business Continuity Planning
6. Secure Remote Access
7. Streamline Exchange and SharePoint deployments
8. Centralize Access Management
9. Disaster Recovery Planning
10. Testing bio-metric readers
11. Hardware Evaluation and Installation
12. Firewalls
13. Email, Wifi, Smartphones, Tab and Website Security
14. Support Mobile Workforce

No matter where you staff may be, or what online or offline devices they may be using, your based employee needs to connect quickly and easily to your servers and your applications. Without security or a weak security will enable even high school hackers to gain access to your network.

Belnis can expertly route all incoming remote connections via a centralized managed it support that controls and authenticates every request for network access and we can do this in a painless manner so that authenticated staff will gain access easily.

Key benefits include:

1. Simplified control of network environment
2. Provides reliable and fast remote application access
3. Highly secure and sophisticated user authentication
4. Speeds creating new users leading to easier and quicker access for new business partners.

BEL Network Integration & Support are experts in Computer Network services, Computer network setup and design. Be it the networking of two, or hundreds, of computers and digital devices; you can rely on us to not only do it right, but to also incorporate the latest security standards. Leveraging the support of our partners like HP, Novell, Microsoft and Dell, we can design, install and managed network services that work hand in glove with your business processes.

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