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Bella Shaye Announces VIP Business Owner of April 2014

Bella Shaye Announces VIP or April 2014, Independent Business Owner Tisha Naylor of Oak Hill, WV.

Bella Shaye Jewelry is proud to honor Tisha Naylor as our VIP Business Owner of April 2014. Tisha along with the help of her up line leader, currently hold the record with Bella Shaye for the most bookings off of one party! Tisha consistently works her business each day and it shows. Tisha is constantly doing parties and if you are lucky enough to get one booked with her or attend one of her parties, you will know why! We are proud to have Tisha as a member of our team showing that other stay at home moms can have a business of their own while raising their children. You can do it. It just takes commitment and consistency. We look forward to Tisha building and growing her business throughout WV.

More about TIsha. Tisha has only been with Bella Shaye since February. She has been in the sales business for 8 years until she had her first child, her son Lucas in 2010. That's when she became a stay at home mom. In 2013 she was blessed with her daughter Carlee. After having both of them, yes her hands were full, but she felt she needed to contribute to her family and make adult friends. Tisha has been successful with Bella Shaye and she does continue to grow her Bella Shaye Business! This doesn't feel like a boring "job" to her, it feels like that it is a family that helps one another and that she is so proud to be a part of.

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