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FREEDOM: THE TRANSLATOR is book two of a time-travel, alternate-history, double-first-contact science-fiction trilogy. It's a mouth-full, alright, but more than that, it's a mind-full.

​Genre: Science-fiction
Author: Robert G. Pielke
Title: A New Birth of Freedom: The Translator

A New Birth of Freedom: The Translator has everything readers of alternate-history, sci-fi and time travel, love. In addition, this book is part of a trilogy and this is the second book. In the first book, The Visitors, aliens, known as the Pests, made their first contact with earth in the middle of the 1863 American Civil War. The first book leaves a cliff hanger sequel, The Translator, which has just been published recently.

In this book, The Translator, the aliens are up to absolute no good. It is the mission of Edwin Blair, a history professor living in the twenty third century, to travel back in time to stop them from a future invasion and destruction of planet earth. To Edwin, the only good Pest is a dead Pest. Unfortunately, the Pests have chosen him as their translator.

As the hero Edwin is busy trying to alter history, the Pests are just as busy trying to alter his memory, making his mission almost impossible. He has to battle his memory loss to stay on track. Besides Edwin's personal battles, there are two major conflicts happening simultaneously throughout the book: the historical progression of the American civil war and the disastrous consequences of the Pests' presence on earth.

Since book one sets up the story for book two, it is imperative for readers to read book one before reading book two. It also helps them enjoy book two to the utmost.

The author, Robert Pielke, brings his accumulated wealth of knowledge as a history professor and researcher on topics such as aliens and ethics into his trilogy. This enables him to virtually and accurately transport his readers back in history and making his books believable, thrilling and utterly engaging. I highly recommend this book and book one to readers who enjoy 3 in 1, alternate-history, sci-fi and time travel.

Yuke Man, Reviewer
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Tags: alternate history, First Contact, Gettysburg, Lincoln, science fiction, time travel

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