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BebeLove Baby Walkers Recalled

Possible fall and entrapment hazards cited as cause for action

BebeLove has issued a recall on several of their Baby Walkers due to a shortfall in meeting federal safety standard. Among the problems with these walkers is one specific to style number 358, specifically the ability of the unit to fit through a standard doorway creating a hazard at or near staircases. It was also cited that the units do not have the proper stopping capability that would prohibit the baby from venturing out beyond the edge of a step. Style #358 has the added disadvantage of having leg openings that are large enough for a child to slip out causing its head to become caught by the neck. In short, serious injury or death are possible during the regular intended use of the product.

The recall encompasses approximately 3,600 units sold via small retailers and also on Amazon.com. The units were sold between November 2011 and July 2013 for approximately $25 each. The walkers are intended for use by babies 6 months or older. They contain a plastic-constructed foam padded seat with a plastic toy tray and base. Style# 358 walkers have a pink, orange or green musical tray, a white toy bar and solid-colored plastic seats. Style# 368 walkers have a white, pink or green musical tray and yellow toy bar. The seats have a printed pattern on them. Each model has white stoppers on the bottom of the walker's base and the model numbers are printed on a label on the bottom rear inner base. "BEBELOVE" is clearly identified on a label on the back of the seat back and the base of each walker.

Consumers should cease use of the recalled walkers immediately and contact the manufacturer at (888) 464-1218 for a free repair kit. There have not been any reports of injuries resulting from the use of these units as of this time.

Drazen Alcocer, founder and CEO of iFederated, parent company of iRecalls.com wished to express his concern. "Recalls on baby items always concern me," he said. "I am relieved that no child has been hurt but it is important that word of this gets out."

Artin Afsharjavan, iFederated Chairman also commented. "Indeed, it is important that people learn about recalls like this quickly, and that is why I am so excited about iRecalls.com. The site exists for that very purpose: to spread the word quickly using social media."

iRecalls.com is a free social media community dedicated to the timely distribution of information about product recalls. The public is encouraged to visit the site at http://www.irecalls.com to learn more and to create an account.

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