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Beauty Guru Announces Launch of A New Way To Get Perfect Eye Lashes

Just Lashes launches a new mobile phone app for gorgeous eyelashes. This app is designed let women "try before you buy"

Just Lashes has launched a mobile phone app to help women find the right semi-permanent lash style for themselves. Just Lashes offers high quality semi-permanent lashes to women across Australia including the beautiful singer/songwriter Marcia Hynes.

As beauty experts know, the false eyelash craze is not going away any time soon. If anything, it is getting bigger every year. And with lashes giving women the much desired youthful, sexy look. Who wouldn't want great lashes?

Every movie star wears them, these days you can't go past a billboard without seeing all the latest stars fluttering their long lashes at the camera. There is still not a mascara, at any price, that can create the lashes every woman dreams of.

Showing an image of a model or previous client can be misrepresenting to a new client. They may assume they will receive the same results as the picture. With the app, the client has the option of viewing each lash style one at a time, and keeping a copy to view later. This gives them the opportunity to see exactly how the lash proportions will look on their eye and let them "try before they buy". "Since producing this mobile phone app, my staff find it so easy to choose the most suitable lash style for our clients. Trying to explain the different styles of lashes on different eye shapes is very difficult. I produced this app to allow anyone to see which lash style suits their eye shape best" Says Gwendoline Owner of Just Lashes Semi-permanent lashes come in many lengths, thicknesses, quality's and textures. There are even silk and cruelty-free synthetic mink lashes. But with so many styles, it can be hard to know what works best for an individual woman.

"I had had my lashes done in the past and was never happy, my eyes always looked smaller which was annoying as I have small eyes already and wanted my eyes to look bigger. By using this app, I was able to choose lashes which make my eyes look bigger. I now use this as a party trick when I meet people. It's good fun seeing how different someone can look with great eye lashes." Says Tracey Osborne, Just Lashes client. Just Lashes are the pioneers in the field of eyelash extensions since 2007 and leading-edge distributors in many beauty services and techniques beyond, at Just Lashes we have all sorts of beauty tricks up our sleeves that you'll want to know more about!

Iphone Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/just-lashes/id569837085?mt=8

Android Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mediacomms.justlashes&hl=en

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