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Beard Beanie Encourages People To Go Out Into The Snow

Online retailer Beard Beanie is encouraging people to go out into the snow which has recently fallen around the UK, and have fun playing in it or generally going for walks and having a nice time out.

Recently the UK has been hit by a cold weather front, bringing much colder temperatures, as well as widespread snowfall, and ice forming on roads and pavements. The BBC reported on the weather days before it hit, warning motorists to prepare for icy conditions and snow on the roads, which helped many avoid either getting stuck in the middle of a journey, or potentially causing an accident.

Many people have been having fun in the recent snow, with schools in Norfolk closing due to the snow and ice being too dangerous for school busses or parents to drive on, leading to not enough children being able to make the journey to their school. Whilst parents find this more difficult, children love having the opportunity to go and play in the snow.

Beard Beanie is encouraging people to go and play in the snow together, a Customer Service Representative for the company added, "the snow is so short lived in the UK and most people won't get a chance to go outside and play in it or even enjoy seeing a landscape covered in it. People can wear a Beard Beanie to keep their faces and heads warm while they're outside and take in the natural beauty that comes with snow, as well as have snowball fights with each other and do everything else you can do while the UK has some snow."

In the last few years the UK has experienced a high level of snowfall during the winter months. This year has seen a similar pattern, giving people the snow they want to go out and have fun in. There is only ever snow in the UK for about one month of the year, and when people don't make the most of it, they won't even notice when it finally melts.

Beard Beanie is an online retailer of the original fitted beard hat. They are based in the UK and have a wide range of different Beard Beanies to suit different styles. They're encouraging people to make the most of the snow this year, and go out in it wearing their Beard Beanie to ensure they stay warm.

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