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Beard Beanie Discusses How Movember Helps Charities And Raises Awareness Of Male Health Issues

Online retailer of the original Beard Beanie in the UK, Beard Beanie, discusses Movember and how it helps charities combat and raise awareness of male health issues.

Beard Beanie, UK online retailer of the original Beard Beanie, discusses how Movember continues to help charities by raising money for them, and raising awareness of male health issues.

Movember is an event that has taken place every November since 2003 when it only took place in Melbourne, Australia. From those humble beginnings the event has grown and now has people from around the world taking part in it. To take part in this event, men must begin the month of November with a clean shaven face, and grow and maintain a moustache for the course of the month. During this time they can raise money through the Movember website by getting their friends, family, and even random strangers to donate to them.

The money people raise through Movember supports Prostate Cancer UK and The Institute Of Cancer Research, both of which use the money to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancers, as well as provide support to men suffering from the diseases.

Money raised is also used by the Movember Foundation to fund an awareness and education programme, teaching men about the diseases they are exposed to, and the charity's Global Action Plan. The aim of the Global Action Plan is to achieve key breakthroughs in prostatic and testicular cancer research.

Beard Beanie fully supports Movember and will be donating 50p of every Beard Beanie sale made in November to the charities supported by Movember. A Customer Service Spokeswoman for Beard Beanie added, "Beard Beanies allow anyone to have a beard and moustache. Movember is easily accessible by women or 'Mosistas' who want to take part and raise money for charity. Any woman that wants to take part this year should definitely use a Beard Beanie as part of their profile because they are the perfect product for it. Even men that find it hard to grow a moustache can use a Beard Beanie because it's a great bit of fun that raises money for serious causes."

Beard Beanies will be showcased at events such as the Ski Show at the NEC in Birmingham on October 26th, where participants will be wearing a Beard Beanie in place of a ski mask, to keep their faces warm. A Beard Beanie can also be used in other sporting situations such as football, hiking, jogging, or simply the morning walk to work when the air is cold.

Beard Beanie is a UK supplier of the original Beard Beanie. Their products are brilliant for people to wear all year round, but particularly for winter when the air is cold and the weather is harsh. Throughout Movember Beard Beanie will be showing their support of the event as well as donating to the causes it supports.

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