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Supporting men's illnesses through facial hair seems like a silly, but a fun ide, Decembeard is discussed by Beard Beanie.

The winter chill is upon us; so many men are choosing to keep their chins warm with lovely beards and bits of facial fluff that many of us will envy. This means that it's the perfect time of year to be sponsored for not shaving! Coming up with a reason not to shave is not something men have to do, but for those that want one, Decembeard is the perfect excuse. However, not everyone can grow a beard. So of course, there are more ways to get involved in Decembeard than just by growing one.

Fake moustaches are something that has been in the eye of the fashion hungry public for a while now. They adorn many different things from mugs to jumpers, and even leggings. Nobody quite knows the craze, yet with Decembeard in full swing, it's a great way to get this thing well known and started. Beards are no doubt going to be as popular and wonderful as moustaches by the end of the year.

During December everyone is asked to sport a beard. Whether they are grown, stuck on, or come in the form of wearable and warm knitwear. All of this is done in the name of sponsor ship, and all the money raised goes towards Bowel Cancer Charities. The point of Decembeard is to continue on from Movember, making the whole affair a two month ordeal. Not only do men get to keep warm cheeks, but they get to raise money for Prostate and Bowel Cancer Research. Changing the face of the world, quite literally.

There are so many ways you can help raise money and awareness for Beating Bowel Cancer during Decembeard. Getting sponsored for growing a beard, wearing a fake one, or maybe even making some - out of wool, paper, anything you like - is the best way to raise money this Decembeard. The people behind Decembeard believe that this movement will not only be fun, but it can also get enough money to eventually support the research and get something changed.

Beard Beanie are retailers of the original Beard Beanie fitted beard cap. They provide Beard Beanies to all those in need of one to keep their faces warm. For every Beard Beanie sale in December Beard Beanie will donate 10% of transaction profit to Decembeard charities.

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