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Beard Beanie Announces Why Their Lumberjack Urban Santa Beard Is The Perfect Gift For Christmas

Online retailers of the original fitted beard hat, Beard Beanie, announce why their Lumberjack Urban Santa Beard is a perfect gift for Christmas.

Beard Beanie, online retailers of the original fitted beard hat, discusses the reasons their Lumberjack Urban Santa Beard will be a great gift for anyone at Christmas.

The Lumberjack Urban Santa Beard is one of the many different fitted beard caps which Beard Beanie provide to customers online. The Santa Beard Beanie is made with a red Thinsulate beanie and a white hand-crocheted beard, creating a piece of festive headwear perfect for anyone to wear at Christmas.

One of the main reasons the Lumberjack Urban Santa Beard makes a great gift for Christmas is the warmth the beard hat can provide to wearers through the long and cold winter nights. The Met Office recently reported temperatures dropping below freezing in the UK for a large part of the last week. These temperatures are set to reoccur over the Christmas period, meaning people need to find better ways of staying warm through winter.

Beard Beanies combine a beard and a hat to keep more of the wearer's head warm than a conventional beanie hat. A Customer Service Representative for Beard Beanie added, "A Beard Beanie keeps people's cheeks warm, meaning they won't be completely frozen from simply walking outdoors. Our Lumberjack Urban Santa Beard is designed to be more festive than our other products, and bring a little festive spirit to people wherever they see one, be it on the street or in a shopping centre. Beard Beanies can be worn anywhere, and throughout December people will be really happy to see fake beards and Christmas combined, as men around the world raise money for bowel cancer charities through Decembeard."

Decembeard is similar to Movember as a charity event. For Decembeard men grow and maintain a beard for the entire month of December, all the time raising money for charities researching into bowel cancer. Beard Beanie is working closely with the charity for 2012 as they thoroughly support the cause the charity is working for. For every Beard Beanie sold in December, Beard Beanie will donate 10% of the sale to Decembeard, which will provide a lot of help to the charity.

Beard Beanies will make fun and unique presents for friends and family at Christmas. Not only is the Lumberjack Urban Santa Beards festive, but it will serve a practical use for cold winter days as well. Every time someone buys a Beard Beanie as a Christmas present for the rest of 2012, 10% of the sale will be donated to Decembeard making them a present helping a worthy cause.

Beard Beanie are an online retailer, and the creators of the original fitted beard hat. The company have been trading for many years and as a result are well-known in the headwear market for producing one of the best products available. As time goes by Beard Beanie will continue to donate to charity in many ways, all while getting more people involved with their products.

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